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Thursday, April 27, 2006


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Yelnick's anus is on a boat!

That IS hilarious! Bravo, Columbia. Bravo, Yelnick. Bravo to all of us for enjoying funny, funy things. I am enjoying a mighty good chuckle right now. Ahh. Thank you for lightening and BRIGHTENING my day!

tony caldaro

Bravo Maestro!

Bob Prechter JR

Have you guys noticed that Prechter and Yelnick have been posting too many forecasts since last week?



I posted my discoveries about the perineum and somebody removed them! I suspect Yelnick is a prude. Or an intellectual snob. What, theories can't incorporate parts of the body? What the hell makes your theories better than mine?

In short, I stated that we are at the perineum of this market and able to descend any of the three limbs below. Next stop: Dow 7400.


That video is so funny I sent it to all of my relatives, my coworkers, my boss, my neighbors, and everyone who ever emailed me.

I cannot stop laughing. "Rates"? That's a good one. I love love LOVE puns.

Here's a pun: smelnick

Feel free to email it around. I love making the world laugh

Broke subscriber

from March 31, 2003 from

Is the current stock rally — which has seen seven up days in a row — the kickoff to a new bull market? Our subscribers just received an answer to this question, in no uncertain terms from Bob Prechter.

His four-paragraph INTERIM REPORT spells out the "technicals" of the rally in detail. More important, Bob puts the rally in the larger context of market history to draw his conclusion.

For instance, through today (March 20) the tick reading has surpassed +1000 eight days in a row. Since 1987, this indicator has only twice come close to matching that string of consecutive days.

What happened in each case? Bob's interim report tells you what prices did then — and what it means — in clear and precise language that won't leave you guessing.

This is the information that millions of investors will wish they had read in the weeks and months to come. And, as Bob also mentions, we'll release the new Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Friday March 27 with even more details.

Meanwhile, the Short Term Update will keep subscribers alert to new developments in this emotional market with the same level of thorough objectivity that Bob provides in this INTERIM REPORT.

Have everything — EWFF, the STU, Bob's Elliott Wave Theorist, AND his special INTERIM REPORT with your (risk-free) subscription to The Financial Forecast Service.

Stock crash is always imminent...thats how Bob sells newsletters


March 31, 2003 from

Is the current stock rally — which has seen seven up days in a row — the kickoff to a new bull market? Our subscribers just received an answer to this question, in no uncertain terms from Bob Prechter.

His four-paragraph INTERIM REPORT spells out the "technicals" of the rally in detail. More important, Bob puts the rally in the larger context of market history to draw his conclusion.

For instance, through today (March 20) the tick reading has surpassed +1000 eight days in a row. Since 1987, this indicator has only twice come close to matching that string of consecutive days.

What happened in each case? Bob's interim report tells you what prices did then — and what it means — in clear and precise language that won't leave you guessing.

stock crash imminent

Prechter sells lots of newsletters because people will always pay for quality.

And crash predictions are fun to read. Like death stories or sex.

Butt Flange

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... one definition of madness is: to continue engaging in unproductive or harmful activity ....... an absence of learning on the part of The Illustrious One might enahance the fit this definition ........ alternatively, has anyone seen excerpts from North Korean TV? It goes like this: "Our Great Leader Who Can Do No Wrong" ............ sound familiar????

Louis Gallo

I did not find the above video amusing and, in fact, felt that it was inappropriate. My grandfather worked as a Federal Reserve economist and I know how hard those people work and how much study and focus go into their careers. My uncle and his colleagues were dedicated men who cared deeply about the future of our nation and also about their fellow man. They were loving, devoted family men doing their best. To mock the efforts of those who would serve our nation as best they can is to invite the cynics and mischief makers to take over.

Please remove the above video and think of others' feelings before you laugh at their expense.


Lighten up, dude. It's just a joke. Nobody's making fun of your stupid uncle.

Louis Gallo

It's just that the guy in the video looks so much like my uncle that... I guess it hit a nerve. I loved my uncle very much. He was one of the most respected economists at the Fed and he helped put me through school. Most of the people I met through him were bright, kind folk. Not the sort of sacrophytic parasite that, say, Bob Prechter is. My uncle would never charge $1618 and give bad, hypocritical advice just for the quick buck.


will somebody talk about the wave count fer crissake


Im new at these blogs, dontno how you will interpred me
but I have written a book on cycles found in all charts, similar to the Elliott wave and need help.
Couuld someone invetigate and let me know if i can explain. heccis@heccis


i too am newbie but interested in charts would apreciate helping from you to find waves.

B wave? c? IV supercycle minuette possible buut on hourly basis not expect

please help

John Masters

Thank you for your query. We are unable to determine the wave to the degree necessary for practical investment purposes as our tools do not operate on the fine scale of the market. Were we to invest in a greater supercomputer program we might ascertain the principles guiding markets. Alas, these predictions are fools' errands and I hesitate to advise people to use Elliott, stick and candle, or other technical methods in the confident belief that they are simply a waste of time.

If you must invest, use fundamental (more arbitrage oriented) motives and diversify and hedge as best you can. Try not to keep your investments extremely liquid and look for alternatives all the time. Good luck,

John Masters


Horatio,If you know the Elliott Principle you will find the secrets in Elliott waves to be EXACT
(meaning bar of reversal} and easy to learn, by using the Heccis Cycle
Go to … …and let me know…

hary janos

excellent site, hector. while i dont agree with all of your conclusions, your arguments are well laid out and effective. best wishes janos


Harry, We will agree to disagree, after you get aqauinted with the formula which I believe you have not read...but thanks for your comment


What was Prechter's Uncle point $660? We're almost there....pretty amazing stuff.

hary janos

Hector, your work is fine. I enjoy your website and book. Please accept my apologies if I have not yet fully absorbed formula. Thanking you in advance, I remain. Hary.


Butt Flange

Get read for a nice pop up just through Prechter's stop

And then watch it collapse in their face

Bob Prechter JR



Pecker Jr. just came out with a special midday alert theorist subscriber only report. To quote:

"The waves are telling us to ignore our own advice. This is an unprecedented development. Never before in the thirty five years I've been covering the markets have I had to fade my own forecasts. This presents a sort of quandary for us. If we decide NOT to take our own advice, then we're taking our own advice. Therefore, in the best interests of our organization and our subscribers worldwide, I have decided to pack it in, throw in the towel, and retire with my millions to an undisclosed location where I can delude myself into believing that, for one brief, glorious, shining moment, I understood some of the secrets of the universe. Good night, good luck, and thanks for the 1.618 billion dollars you tossed my way over the years."

RP Jr.

Ralphy Elliott

I was an old fart tea room advisor who died broke. How in the hell Pecker turned my cockamamie crap into 1.618 billion is the greatest mystery the markets will ever offer!


If you guys are so against Prechter read The Heccis Cycle. Maybe its better to attack with knowledge.Dont get me wrong, Im with you. My anger led up to this Heccis thing, See what you think about it. Go to... ... Let me know

Bob Pecker JR

The latest EWT is here! The latest EWFF is here!
Many crash scenarios are discussed this month!
Bob Pecker just made a new graph on how may subscribers he bankrupt!

are you one of them?...if so, you are elegible for a free issue, so you can see how much we have improved our service!..We now bankrupt clients in 1.618 days!

Join us at


Bob Pecker Jr.!

Bob Pecker JR



What is this Heccis cycle thing? Anybody who claims to have found the secret key to the market and then tries to sell it is likely a con artist. Anybody who buys it is an idiot for sure.


We all know, unfortunitely, that there are con artists, sceptics, idiots, and in my case SHARER
of new ideas. Its your choice

Heccis Fan

Heccis is all right by me! Stop picking on heccis. I would never buy heccis because I am skeptical of anyone who would give away secrets before becoming quite rich himself. But if Hecto, out of the goodness of his heart, wants to tempt us with a few tasty morsels of wisdom... be my guest! Or make a prediction, heck ol' boy. Three solid predictions in a row and I'll sign up for a dozen books! Love,

An ardent fan


all right another Greenspan! Bravo Maestro!
whatta yawn :)

Preccis Cycle Student

Heccis fan - I predict Prechter will be wrong 3 times in a row.

I will SHARER my ideas for $144 if you like and REINFORCE how GOOD my method is by sticking a FEW WORDS in caps

lower case larry

my ABSOLUTELY FREE subscription to Elliott's WAVECYCLEPOWER is the perfect way to improve your trading. see FAST RESULTS like this guy did:

"I didn't believe I could make so much money so fast until I bought Pecker's WAVEUPDATE 3000. It's like he knows the secret to the universe or something and... shhhh... it's two guys named Fibinacci and Elliotttt. When you begin to see the waves they're really BEAUTIFUL. Okay, the little men in white coats are coming back for me now. Til later, Roger T."


Roberta Prechtless

I have recently made a powerful discovery - how to predict markets swings. There is a hidden cycle that only women know.

If you want to subscribe I will be running a freewEak to my new Elliot's MENSTRUALCYCLEPOWER with detailed CHARTS showing how the markets behave irrationally when a my menstrualcycles occur.

Check it out

Learned About EWI the Hard Way

So who is the nitwit spamming this forum? Theories:

1) It's someone (a 14 year old, apparently) who really did lose money following the consistently awful advice of Prechter/EWI.

2) It's someone (an EWI employee?) who is trying to make critics of Prechter/EWI look like 14 year old nitwits.

3) It's someone (an EWI employee?) who simply wants to make this forum unusable.

4) It's someone (???) trying to spam search engines so that this site will come up when people search on Prechter's name.



I am the nitwit. I became a nitwit in III of iv of Grand Cyclesuper Two, subminuette one.

I am not proud that I am a nitwit. I receive the paltry nitwit discount of 1.618 cents when I buy 1.618 or more subscriptions to EWI, but it's small consolation for the $1.618 million I lost following Peckter Roberts' bad advice.

Yes, I lost money following Prechter. Lots. His advice was almost absurdly bad but it's tinged with a sort of supercilious, "the masses are the -sses" mentality and I was in a susceptible stage of my life.

It's embarassing to admit now, when I see his organization and their website as juvenile, sloppy, poorly designed, and basically standard Valpak-in-your-mailbox middlebrow garbage.

Some good things came of my hard lessons. I do feel bitter at times, though.

Anyway, I don't think I'm the only nitwit but I hope there aren't any more out there.

If you're thinking of giving a penny to Prechter, I urge you to think again. He will eventually be right about a big crash but that is no great prediction. In the long run we will all be dead. His advice --on any time scale short enough to use it-- is remarkably, consistently, bad.

Fade Prechter

I will say this... IF, and that's a big IF, the future is anything like the past, you would do well to fade Prechter.

His advice wasn't bad in a random sort of way. It was bad in a bad in a very directed, consistently utterly wrong sort of way.

Learned About EWI the Hard Way

Maybe my conspiracy detector was turned up a notch too high. There have been some posts here that seemed like they might be EWI shills.

As one EWI loser to another, if you're trying to warn people away from Prechter's snake oil, I think a lower tone might be more effective. Maybe the best way to debunk EWI is to quote from their singularly bad market timing advice of the last few years.

In any case, Yelnick's site makes interesting reading for anyone interested in Elliott Wave theory, pro or con. It's a useful resource for people who want to make up their own mind. It would be a shame if the volume of shrill posts made the place less worthwhile to read.

us bs marshall

If any theory (wave, candlesticks, head and shoulders, dow, snake oil, elliott, whatever) ever worked well enough to make money, it would have sewn the seeds of its own destruction.

If you're following a theory, it's because you're deluded or enjoy the anal compulsiveness of it or the "club/cult" aspects of it.

Do any of you consistently make money in the markets? Are any of you wealthy enough that you don't have to do anything else? Why not make really big bucks with your wonderful theories and donate the money to causes you like? Why waste your time on smalltime 2-in-the-morning blog combers?

Elliott, like Jesus, isn't about reason. It's about faith.


Yes I am wealthy enough that I don't have to do anything else.

Therefore I now enjoy losing some of it on the markets and enjoy the analness of listening to pekker talk out of his usual orifice (which isn't his mouth)

Think I'll try a long dollar position now using my gf's menstrual cycle unless anyone else can give me a good Dollar view

Headstrong Harry

I am not wealthy but I have eyes and can see that gold is over $660/oz. Will Prickster Bob Jr change his tune?


from the latest forecast:

"...while we do not expect it, only a rare truncated push above the '80 second wave high of $800 would force us to reassess the waves..."

The line in the sand is now $800.


$800 now???

Anyone starting to wonder if it is actually Frost who wrote all those books and Prechter just did the 'im a celebrity' part of the partnership ?

Bob Pecker JR



J Lee

I love the number 46. At least spammers are useful for something. Keep up the good work on your site Yelnick.

Not a spammer

I'm not a spammer. I love the number 1.618. Beautiful, mysterious, constancy within change, mystical, wonderous...

That'll be a hundred and sixty two dollars, please. Thanks,

Break of $661 means higher prices ahead for Gold

Urgent Midday Special Update:

...."over night session saw Gold penetrate our stop and reverse point of $661 per ounce. Any New York Gold closing price above $661 means we are urging all short positions on Gold be closed out immediately and for speculators to initiate long positions with a tentative wave target in the neighborhood of $800.

Special Midday Report 5/1/06"


OH MY GOD... PRICKTER IS GOING LONG??? Finally a major top might be in place. hahahahahahaha

Crash imminent

Posted: 5:30 PM ET April 27, 2006

Put away the rain boots and get out the bathing suits cuz the seasonal shift from April showers to May flowers has just begun.

And, while the other half says goodbye to soggy ground and hello to scent-sational gardens, those of us who study financial flora are all wondering the same thing: is the new bull market in stocks and overall economy finally in full bloom?

Well, nobody answers that with more objectivity and originality than the new May Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, a powerful publication that presents these and more unique insights:

Believe it or not, that's just the half of it as the May EWFF also includes labeled price charts and long-term forecasts for gold, silver, and the US dollar -- not to mention unique insight into the long-term trends underway in the great commodities boom, the Tech sector, Presidential approval ratings, and still more.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop and smell the roses of opportunity in the new May EWFF today via a risk-free subscription to the Financial Forecast Service. Just click on the link below and follow the fast steps to begin.

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