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On Cheer's, Cliff Claven said "If you go back in history and take every president, you'll find that the numerical value of each letter in their last name was equally divisible into the year in which they were elected. By my calculation, our next president has to be named Yelnick McWawa."

Yelnick stands as a reminder that all forecasters will eventually be hoist by their own petard.

Created by Duncan Davidson - Founder and senior exec at four startups (the first two went IPO and got to $9B market cap each; the next two were acquired), who joined the Dark Side and become a venture capitalist, focusing on digital media and mobile Internet.

What started as one blog got split into four at the request of readers, who found the Elliott Wave mystic poop too esoteric.

Planet Yelnick is about stocks. Is Bob Prechter Hari Seldon, and has he invented Psycho-History? Or is Elliot Wave no more than Ptolemaic epicycles?

Technik is about the new fount of innovation emerging in Silicon Valley. Peter Drucker has written how a new technology needs to be 10x better to unseat incumbents. Every ten years, the 100x improvement of Moore's Law creates new new things with 10x advantages over what has come before. It should be no surprise then that every decade since the beginning of the Information Age we have seen a new flowering of innovation: mainframes in the '60s, minicomputers in the '70s, PCs in the '80s, the Internet in the '90s - and now Web 2.0 in the 'Oughts. Next up: Mobi 2.0 - the mobile Internet. After that: HD Computing.

Politick is about the current crisis. There always is one.

Happy Travails is about popular culture through the eyes of traveling the world. The photo albums accompany it.

My standard bio:
Duncan is a Senior Advisor to NetService Ventures. Previously he was at four start-ups: Xumii, a mobile service based on a Social Addressbook (bought by Myriad); SkyPilot Networks, the performance leader of wireless mesh systems for last-mile access, where he was the founding CEO (bought by Trilliant); Covad Communications (Amex: DVW, $9B market cap at the peak), the leading independent DSL access provider, where he was the founding Chairman; InterTrust Technologies (Nasdaq: ITRU, $9B market cap at the peak), the pioneer in digital rights management technologies, now owned by Sony and Philips, where he was SVP Business Development and the pitchman for the IPO. Before these ventures, Duncan was a partner at Cambridge Venture Partners, an early-stage venture firm, and managing partner of Gemini McKenna, a joint venture between Regis McKenna's marketing firm and Gemini Consulting, the global management consulting arm of Cap Gemini. He serves on the board or is an adviser to Aggregate Knowledge (content discovery), Livescribe (digital pen), AllVoices (citizen journalism), EchoMobile (mobile roaming at lowest cost), Dhaani (energy management), Verismo (Internet settop box), and Widevine (DRM for IPTV).


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