> Mount of Olives


The Mount of Olives overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem. Prophets would come up from the desert and crest the Mount of Olives before walking into the Jerusalem. The Mount used to be full of olive trees, and must have made quite a nice hideout for outcasts, outlaws and messiahs. Today the Mount seems mostly composed of dusty paths and religious monuments, including a very large Jewish graveyard - all on the Muslim side of Jerusalem.

The view is spectacular - but for prophets and pundits, there is no better place to cast a vision than from the Mount of Olives, and no better time than during Easter. We begin our own journey down from the Mount of Olives in the capable guidance of Suzanne Pomeranz, an American from the Bible Belt who was raised in the Southern evangelical culture, emigrated to Israel, and has fallen in love with Jewish history and religion. She now spends much of her time in the Muslim areas, where most of the early Christian history lies - a religious trifecta worthy of the Old City.