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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Robert Mason

I am amazed how people are voting for Bush or Kerry, not based upon their respective record, but upon distortions as presented by foes. It's hard to find people who openly endorse their candidate because they support their views. Most support their candidate because they can't stand the other choice.

With a 24/7 news cycle, why do political infomercials have such influence? Wouldn't we be a more informed electorate if each candidate and their operatives had to speak honestly about their record and their record only? Nah! Just win baby! Scorched earth politics. Might it be that we're getting exactly what we deserve?

By the way, here is an example of Kerry's record per the MSNBC/Newsweek article. No spin. Just the facts:

"On taxes, Kerry's record has also been distorted by counting multiple votes for the same bill. On that basis, Kerry has voted more than 350 times for higher taxes, as Bush says. Using the same measure, the Kerry campaign claims the senator has also voted more than 640 times against raising taxes. On defense, it's a similar pattern. Kerry has been cast as a peacenik, but he voted for Reagan's big defense bills at the height of the cold war (even as he opposed the MX missile and Star Wars). In the 1990s he supported big cuts in the 1990s as a "peace dividend." Since 1998, the only defense-spending bill he voted against is the $87 billion package for Iraq and Afghanistan."

Can't stand the facts, attack the source. Ah yes, the liberal media. For those of us who have worked for or been on the other side of the table from GE, the parent company of NBC/Newsweek, one can think of many terms to describe GE, "liberal" is not one of them.

Attack dog politics. Get used to it, because whomever wins this election, it is here to stay. Have to go now, Fox News is on.

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