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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Richard Melmon


Look at me as an example of this. On issues of war and peace, I’m actually to the right of Bush. Just win, baby, win. I don’t care if it takes half a million troops, a draft, anything. If you start a war, you have to win it. We’re loosing, and that is simply unacceptable. Yet I am a passionate liberal, in an old and outmoded sense of that word—open to change for the better, and the societal freedom needed to pull it off. The Democrats are intellectually bankrupt, and have given liberalism a bad name, taking this old meaning of liberalism and warping it into a weird amalgamation of entitlements and attitudes. And worse, I think the Democrats are not competent to keep America properly engaged against fascist Islam, which is truly a mortal danger. The Democrats don’t get it, and have become wallowed in some reflexive self-hating anti-Americanism to solve some inner mysterious psychological affliction, likely a need for deep denial. Yet I am convinced a Bush win brings us to the brink in terms of our traditional individual freedoms, separation of Church and State, support of a rational, science based society, rational economic policies, etc. Bush Republicanism here is a roll back, unbelievably, of the Reformation, and the Enlightenment. He wants us to go back to the 12th century, where faith ruled, and I mean really ruled!! There is also in these guys a strong ting of self righteous market capitalism run amok, leading to enormous corporate corruption. Therefore, even though I am convinced Kerry is probably not fully worthy, I so badly want Bush defeated for all of these reasons, I am convinced we have no choice but to strongly back Kerry. It is a very strange place for me. And must be for many others as well. Which argues for your thesis.

Richard Melmon


I was 17 years old in 1973, graduated from high scoohl in June. Those years of the Vietnam War, stateside were the summer of drugs that still hasn't ended and a blur of what seemed like never ending loss and war on a television. And lots and lots of propaganda. We all wore POW bracelets and really believed our POW would come home. Mine didn't. I don't know anyone's who did. Now that I'm older and I understand a lot more than I did then, Vietnam was a lot of things, not just a war. It was the first time in history that American men were running to Canada to avoid the war. Not because they didn't believe in it ...... because they didn't want to fight for their country. Could you imagine that having happened during WWII. Never. It was a time of no patriotism and the start of the most hedonistic times in the history of this country. And all the boys who left here at 18 and returned home from the hell they entered, were spit on, were called criminals and worse for risking their lives, their liberty for mine and yours. John Kerry used those boys when he returned from Vietnam as a political tool. The anti-war movement of which he was not only a part, but a leader, caused untold damage and death to all the American soldiers who were still fighting proudly. I have heard the Viet Cong used the anti-war movement, speeches, excerpts, documents to get POWs to turn. They didn't and were tortured more, thanks to the likes of John Kerry. Not to mention the fact that his Vietnam service/activity is a door he opened so proudly, now he wants to know who left it open. Reap what you sow.I would be most ashamed to have him lead my Girl Scout Troop, let alone the USA.

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