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Saturday, July 02, 2005



Interesting... although, for example, the Sahara and Arabian deserts existed in their present ecological state before human migration to those areas.


Well, the Muslim philosopher was making both a metaphorical point as well as an observation, meaning the areas conquered by Muslims tended to be poorly managed ie. turned into deserts. This is not a debate over the deep desert but the edges of it where most people live. Much of the area of North Africa was cultivated in Roman times - ruins of former farms and irrigation systems have been found. When Islam swept across this area in the 7th Century, it probably still was being cultivated somewhat as it had been. If you read the full Gibbons "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," you'll also see that Islam cut off the remaining trade across the Mediterranean, throwing the remnants of the Western Empire into even deeper economic distress - the nail in the coffin so to speak, and plunging the area into the depths of the Dark Ages. Even as late as the 14th Century when this observation was made, distressingly little had changed. Christendom pulled out of the economic desert of the Dark Ages via the Renaissance, but Islam seems to have little progressed since then. Islam almost conquered Europe, finally being repelled at Vienna as recently as 1683. It grates their leaders to have fallen behind by so much since then.


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irrigation systems

Interesting one..yeah your are right man . The Sahara and Arabian desert are in their present ecological state before humans were migrated in that area. In fact , it would be the story of lot of areas..

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La buena información, gracias. Nunca estoy seguro de cuándo podar el climatis que tengo. Parece que lo estoy haciendo bien.

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