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Saturday, August 27, 2005



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thanks for the kind thoughts. I wrote it when my son was in his senior year.


What did your son end up doing!?


Lili, he got a job at Google! He thinks of pursuing a start up, but first he is getting a serious grounding in product management making connections. I couldnt be prouder of him.


Not sure but we've had a number of gratnse sightings in the York area for quite a long time. Unfortunately the most recent unusual' ones haven't really been anything other than party fun chinese floating lanterns which are generally all lit and set off into the night sky at the same time and velocity, therefore subject to the same currents, we've had people going ape about them INCLUDING two local farmers who had to call out the Fire Service to put out fires caused by them and our Vet has had to treat a couple of Goats and a Cow who generally will try to eat anything which looks remotely interesting.However, over the past thirty or so years there have appeared glowing balls' in the sky which have nothing to do with aircraft from our local base. They can appear together, travel together and then move off in different directions at different speeds, it feels as though you are being watched as they pursue your vehicle from the side and then just simply disappear.Global warming is taking place as is global cooling but what is different in 2010 is that the sublime to the ridiculous has reared its head and people like Brown and the IPCC have hoodwinked people into parting with billions in tax initiatives!What is to become of the next generations if the sons of Blair and Brown inherit the earth? We'll be ok if it's Mad Hattie Harman's kids, they'll watch porn like daddy and leave the world alone hopefully!References : Was this answer helpful?


The science seems to icdtnaie we're in the danger zone and if major changes aren't made soon things amy become irreversible. Hopefully this wacky and destructive weather will wake more people up. Thanks for your comment and photos Abigail!


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Sarah Raney - Ok as I just told you, these could be my most favorite patortirs of all TIME! These pictures are so beautiful, it definitely helps when your client is gorgeous to begin with! But seriously, you're so talented and these pictures honestly blew me away..when you're a famous photographer I can't wait to tell everyone you're also my good friend!! haha but yes, amazing shoot

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