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Sunday, August 21, 2005



Are you interested in my wasteful charms I have a good fresh joke for you! What do you get when you play a country music song backward? You get your wife back, you get your job back, you stop drinking ...


How much more government news aegecins can we obsorb as a people. I don't want a Pravda and other news aegecins supported by the Govennment,,,us,,,,,let them die a natural death and be done with it....They do not represent the people anymore. News use to be just that News it didn't matter what their political agenda was that was covered very well by the editorial page....Not so now....They certainly are not government watchdogs as they use to be......everything changes so let them die. Never give them subsidies If the government tries they well be beholding to them and the government never gives anything for free....they will dictate the terms....I ramble...stay well....


It sickens me to see how braaewishnd you people are. you think economy is godyou think the united states is the worldyou think media is the source of all knowledgego read some books.And sorry, that answer was not directed at you asker at all. It just is truly painful for me to read people so convinced that there is actually a reason to make a lie like global warming up. It would be impossible to argue that it is a money making scam, because it doesn't make money. I think it would be cool to argue that the benefits of acting on curtailing our GHG emissions far outweigh the costs of not, should effects of climate change occur. Research the Stein report for this. It is a 700 page economic analysis done in 2006, but you can get the summary and it has some good information.The cost of millions if not billions of refugees due to unseen levels of famine, poverty, natural disasters, disease, political turmoil, and war is something that will be not easy, but rather outrageously expensive to deal with. It is important to be far sighted, for our generation is but a fraction of history, and i don't want to be the generation to set up the future's struggle and downfall.Also, for all you arguing that the climate always changes and that is proof enough that global warming is just natural, go study some climatology, its a science. Of course the climate is changing, it always has, it always will forever and ever. We will never know the Earth's status in 3 million years, she will probably change faces 10 times over. What climate change refers to is the RATE of change in temperature. Since the industrial revolution when our GHG emissions started to climb drastically, so did the rate of the warming world. It is not noticeable year to year, it is a trend that extends over decades and is dangerous and is a matter of less than 2 degrees. It is not an environmental issue, it is a social issue. The potential for crises in the lives of billions of humans. There is nothing to gain from this lie, everything to lose. please people. PLEASE don't believe the lobbyists trying to falsify this so they can go on with business as usual. READ ALOT, decide for yourself.

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