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Wednesday, February 08, 2006



This is a very broad definition you are asikng for. Not only that, you'll find liberals that have some conservative views (like me) and conservatives that have some liberal views.Abortion: Liberals typically are pro-choice, conservatives are typically pro-lifeWar: liberals typically try to stay away from war if possible. Conservatives will try to stay away, but will do it before exhausting as many possibilities for a peaceful resolution as liberals.Death Penalty: typically, I find Liberals tend to be against it, conservatives for it, but this one really varies from person to person.Religion: Conservatives tend to be religious, Liberals tend to believe in a religion, but aren't as religious. Some extreme right wingers try to shove religion down everyone's throat, Some extreme liberals that are atheist, try to shove atheism down everyone's throat.Gun control: Conservatives tend to be against any form of gun control, liberals tend to be for gun control that is used in crimes, etc., but not guns used for hunting or typical self defense.Taxes: Conservatives tend to be for lowering taxes, and in recent years spending money and making us go into debt. Liberals tend to be for increasing taxes to pay for their programs.Social Welfare: Conservatives tend to be against social welfare, but will be for it in certain cases. For example, where people are laid off, so long as they are required to try to gain employment. Liberals tend to be more for social welfare programs.Environment: Environment is cool and hip, and both sides seem to be for the environment now, but it was only recently that conservatives were for it, because they came to realize that the general populace is for it. You'll still find conservatives that are pretty much against any environment friendliness.There are tons more, but I hope this helps.

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