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Monday, February 20, 2006


Peter Williams

Although the allusion to the great open spaces of the wild west frontier implied by both "Cowboy" and the "Outlaw" certainly suits the current and past incumbents, the landscape does need to be reconsidered.

The issue is to create a vibrant economy, built on the creation and growth of value, that does not require an ever expanding frontier of consumable resources. This goes hand in hand with the re-examination of the ever more complex and abstract financing constructs that prop up our rather outmoded accounting systems designed to stop pilfering of the days profits in the fourteenth century

At some point the word "finite" has to appear in conjunction with resources, at which point the old land grab mentality can finally be put to rest and the real value of human endeavour Adam Smith wrote about can be created.

Perhaps this will be the catalyst for the human race to have the two major ephianies that will transform the culture, cheap fusion power and cost effective space travel.

Until then, we have got to work with what we got!

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