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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Rich Melmon

Until Pearl Harbor was attacked, Americans did not understood the world they were actually living in. Government, no matter how well it understood, could do nothing even though we were in mortal danger. After the attack, the entire country understood, and quickly responded to the challenge. And with Churchillian blood, sweat, and tears, it all worked out.

American's do not yet "get it". And until they do, government is powerless to act. It's the people, stupid.

We're still in the denial stage, moving to anger (at gas prices, of all things, as if anyone can do anything about that, including this flex-car proposition here). We're still completely enthralled in what I will call a hyper-consumerism fantasy, that is unsustainable in the long run.

Rather surprisingly to me, Gore really does seem to understand. He does see the whole picture rather clearly. And, in the end, that world view will have to become incorporated into the political system one way or another. We have to move to a truly green world, but it seems to me it's a century or so away from happening. Too many idiots, true believers of all strips, and innocents too, will have to die off first.

Silicon Valley, and the energy initiatives of the venture community? Well intentioned naivety, or shrewd grabs for riches? I hope the latter, but suspect the former. We'll see.

J Lee

Ethanol may help, but the real problem is that even with it... who is to say people won't buy a 4th or 5th automobile (where on earth are you going)?

There is another problem that arises though and it has to do with fertilizers, which are products of oil. These, in turn, enable us to produce tremendous crop yields cheap for consumption.


You will see these ideas presented in the Omnivore's Dilemma. Consequently, because corn is so cheap, farmers are in the red and rely on government just to keep those fields churning and consumption going. We use corn fructose as sweetners for many processed foods because they are so cheap.

Also, take a look concerning the farming situation in India and the run off that is associated with these types of fields. The author goes on to talk about how animals and crops have been distanced from one another and that animals were traditionally used in agriculture to fertilize the fields. Today, modernity has all but eliminated these practices through the increased use of fertilizers. (Like the stupidity of using fertilizers on your lawn, then paying someone to mow it!)

Here is a poem I wrote about the situation, which is much deeper than just automobiles and gasoline because crude oil extends to all reaches of modernity.


The solutions have to start with lifestyle changes and alternative thinking. Ethanol helps, but it is naive to believe that this will cause anything but more mindless consumption of new autos. "Oh I am saving the earth and helping the oil problem by buying ANOTHER car. Hey kids, who wants to go to Home Depot and get a Supersize?"


J Lee

Oh and which leads to:


Another poem that is connected with the one above... Biotech and agribiz...


You are absolutely right that we need to break our oil dependence on these countries. Biofuels may indeed give us the energy independence that we so need in these times of turmoil in that whole part of the world.


As previously meonitned, the Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Flex Fuel engine is designed specifically to accomodate E85 fuel should you choose to use it, so it will not damage your Jeep at all.Just keep in mind that E85 has only 77% the energy content of gasoline, so it won't give you as many miles as gas (and will cost you more money to go the same distance).I don't know if it's true that by buying E85 more of your money is going to a domestic corn farmer rather than some Middle East sheik, but that's something you can do some research on and make your choice.Either way, yes your Jeep can use E85 without any chance of causing damage, but it will cost you more per mile.

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