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Sunday, May 21, 2006


J Lee

"Seek the truth within" sounds good to me! :D

My Friend Guayacan

Home is where the Heart is

The Mystery of Pi Revealed (Maybe Not)

Take care,

J Lee

hi again my good dear listener Yelnick! sorry for polluting your comment section with another post, but you know your main thread has been contaminated.

anyways, i was thinking that maybe you would like to see a new piece i came up with yesterday. the explanation for it follows the poem. you can click the image to enlarge it and if you have dual screen set up like all these traders do now watching every tick, then you'll be able to conveniently follow along.

so here it is...


it's not Dan Brown quality and i'm not Dan Brown rich (i just sit in my room wondering about perfect 10 models and reading stuff like Gita), but maybe you'll like it just as much if not better than the movie, which I see got rave reviews on rotten tomatoes. Oh and Yeats is awesome. Second Coming and everything. Fascinating stuff... those Irish were on to something.

all the best

p.s. good luck with those weird people posting 50 messages... must be some guy thinking he's still in World of Warcraft... would love to meet Dave Chapelle on there one day

J Lee

Dow Jones down 46.58 yesterday on 06/06/06 :)

element 46 => Pallas => 2nd asteroid 1802 => Athena
element 58 => Ceres => 1st asteroid 1801 => Ceres




Sallie, yes Gilby is a Maltese! I never thought of mylsef as a dog person and then, well, God gave me Gilby, and I guess I discovered that I really am a dog person (or a least a gilby person ).Oh . . . and yall mentioned earlier in the comments about smells. I didn't really understand how important they were until I moved here and no longer smelled home or comfort or christmas or what-have-you. So, my last visits home have always included shopping for plug-ins and candles for the different seasons of the year. They make such a difference!!


Yup. Same thing happened with an Associated Press artcile referenced on Geology.com. except in the opposite direction of the issue. This is a copy of a letter I sent to AP: To Associated Press -I was hoping to read an artcile from AP titled "Climate Fears Kill Coal Plants" from November 16, 2008 listed on the Geology.com website, but the artcile has been removed and a Google search shows no other source. Please help Thank you (my name)If you google it, (with capitalization letters in the title) that exact title shows up only one time but the page has been removed, no longer exists. Same problem Yahoo, many think is a part of the cabal of media organizations which deliberately withhold information or at least is influenced by some powerful organizations. Either they are a part, or are under some heavy pressure to bend too their will. Since some artciles DO make it online for at least SOME time, it makes me think that they WANT the info out there, but are under some awful pressure. Point is, too, that Yahoo is, or was, financially on the rocks I t was bought recently and so is vulnerable to "financial persuasion", if you know what I mean

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