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Thursday, July 20, 2006



Or we could follow George Washington's admonishment to not make friends of other nations, and avoid foreign entanglements.

And what is this permanently temporary war on terrorism? A war on a brutal, civilian targeting "tactic"? So, this is a step forward in the progression of civilization (where we now condemn acts such as the Terror Bombing of Germany, the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo)? Yet, curiously, this step forward seems to include a step backward, when Bush is at least perceived to have little regard for the Geneva Convention.

If we don't clearly enunciate our principles and attempt to adhere to them, then we're just lost in confusion. Are we fighting Arabs, Islam? Islamo-fascists? Any who engage in brutal "tactics"? Any who oppose the status quo (who are almost cetainly going to use assymetric guerilla methods)?

To cut to the quick, I believe in discovering and following principles, and in being straight-forward. I think gamesmanship, playing superpower chess, while perhaps having some short-term advantage, ulitmately backfires. We'd do more to overpower islamo-fascism by rejecting brutality and serving as a model. Instead, we fight a war against a "brutal tactic" that supposedly requires us to behave more brutal, and espouse democracy in its most hollow meaning -- pandering to the ignorance of the mob -- devoid of the fundmantals upon which democracies must be grounded.

Our policies towards the ME may or may not be correct -- but they're certainly not being served by the superficial, discordant, gibberish coming out of this administration. In other words, right or wrong, there's a lot of bs that's turning our friends away and empowering the enemies we're supposed to be fighting.

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