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Saturday, July 08, 2006



I like to consider myself a rational, enlightened person (why not try to be intellectually honest and seek to discover proper principles and truth?). And I find liberal-leftists, most democrats, to be insane (at least emotionally dysfunctional, forever fighting "the man" and deluding themselves that they're morally superior). Unfortunately, our current alternative, the republicans, have become authoritarian, big government, big business, special interest catering, quasi-religious vote panderers who no longer even merit the distinction as the lesser-of-two-evils.

Oh yeah, I'm also an environmentalist. Yet we have "environmentalists" who shut down nuclear power in this country (with the result that we dam more rivers and build more coal and oil burning plants). Who ignore population density and growth as a root cause of environmental problems. And, who favor treaties such as Kyoto, which puts pressure on what little manufacturing remains in the US and developed world, and gives a pass to countries such as China with abysmal environmental regulation.

Left, Right; Lib, Con: these are labels for a false paradigm which only serves the corrupt status quo. This is the 21st century. For those who believe in basic first principles (freedom of speech and the marketplace of ideas; individual liberty and free enterprise along with overrides for the common welfare -- avoidance of a tragedy of the commons), then all that remains is problem solving.

We desperately need a real alternative to the corrupt, institutionalized dem-repubs and their media cohorts. It's really come down to corruption and stupidity vs. integrity and reason.


Now throw global diming into the mix. Is that what's kept the global warming from being worse? So we're to believe... next. And what about these hydrocarbons being so darn heavy... naturally wanting to seek the lowest possible place instead of wofting up into the firmament of heaven where we're told they lock in heat. That fact doesn't quite fit the story were told does it. Whatever. We'll not notice those pesky details and besides we'll all be dead soon enough.

BOttomline is its all fixable, that is if the colloquial "we" had the will. There's 900 years of coal in Montana alone that can be gasified using old proven technology and the carbon sequestered deep underground (if really necessary). We've (still) got the sun and more wind in the state of New Mexico alone than is needed to power the nation, even if oil were running out, which its not. Oil is most likely an abiotic by-product of core/mantle interaction and should be classified a rewnewable. But it won't be.

See at the core of all this.. the root cause of our shared trauma... these "scares" is a completely different (bi-partisan) agenda called "control". Its about setting the course for humanity on the planet through fear and intimdation.

The controllers, freemasonic control freaks mostly, who masquerade as republicans and democrats, are ready to take mankind into their "new world order"... The Age of Aquarius where if they good enough they'll become gods and we their mind controlled slaves. As they always have, they use the tools of their trade... fear and intimidation to corral the sheeple for the inevitable fleecing. Because, as Schaffer points out in this piece: http://lewrockwell.com/shaffer/shaffer143.html
"keeping people perennially frightened is the most effective method of maintaining them in a huddled and obedient mass". So it goes... things change but they stay the same

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