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Saturday, November 04, 2006



How convenient it would be to have a Sunni controlled Iraq as a natural neutralizer of the Shi'ite state in Iran?
I am curious as to what the Baker commssion will come up with - what will they announce publically - what will they say behind closed doors (will probably never know)?


Peter Galbraith makes another interesting comparison in The End of Iraq. He points out that since WW2 four countries comprised of multiple ethnic groups forced together by political forcers and held together by authoritarian rule have had shed those rulers, the Soviet Union, Ygoslovia, Checkoslovokia, and Iraq. Of the first three, all broke up into ethnicly defined seperate states. Iraq, the fourth is clearly in that process now. The odds of a combined sunni, shiite,Kurdish Iraq emerging out of the current process (let alone a democratic one) seems very slim.

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