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Saturday, October 18, 2008


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I don't completely agree with the fact that bailout Won't Prevent Deflation.I think there would be differential expectations of bailout rescue.I also thing if the bailout option is appropriately handled in a well structured economic model we well be actually reduced the recession period.


Will the stupidity and lies about glbaol warming never end? As for man-made glbaol warming: Don't be concerned. That is political nonsense by politicians and the media. The sun has a variable output; probably the cause of ice ages and certainly the cause of mini ice ages and warm periods such as the Medieval Warm Period from 1000 to 1200 that was warmer than the current warm period. There is no scientific theory that supports Global Warming as presently defined in the media. In fact I know of no reputable scientists that are not paid or bribed with research grants that support man causing glbaol warming. These are the undisputed facts: People point to Venus. However, Venus receives twice the solar radiation as the earth and the atmosphere of Venus is 90 times heaver than the Earth's atmosphere. This is like what a submarine experiences at 3000 ft below the surface of the Earth's ocean. And the atmosphere of Venus is 97 percent CO2 while the Earth's atmosphere is 0.03 percent CO2. Otherwise Venus has 90 0.97/0.0003 or about 300,000 times as much CO2 in their Atmosphere as the Earth. In my opinion, if man could double or triple the CO2 in our atmosphere it was have almost no effect on glbaol warming. Quote 1: The AP said: "Carbon dioxide, the gas largely blamed for glbaol warming, has reached record-high levels in the atmosphere after growing at an accelerated pace in the past year " Facts: Carbon dioxide is not the major greenhouse gas (water vapor is). Carbon dioxide accounts for less than ten percent of the greenhouse effect. Only about 0.03 percent (1 part in 3,000) of the Earth's atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide (nitrogen, oxygen, and argon constitute about 78 percent, 20 percent, and 0.93 percent of the atmosphere, respectively). Water vapor varies from near zero to about 4 percent with an average of about 0.5 percent and ten to twenty times the percent of CO2. The sun, not a gas, is primarily to "blame" for glbaol warming and plays a very key role in glbaol temperature variations as well. For example, the planet Mars is undergoing significant glbaol warming, lending support to many climatologists' claims that the Earth's modest warming during the past century is due primarily to a recent upsurge in solar energy. According to a September 20 NASA news release, "for three Mars summers in a row, deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near Mars' south pole have shrunk from the previous year's size" Because a Martian year is approximately twice as long as an Earth year, the shrinking of the Martian polar ice cap has been ongoing for at least six Earth years. Quote 2: The AP said: "Carbon dioxide, mostly from burning of coal, gasoline and other fossil fuels, traps heat that otherwise would radiate into space." Fact: Most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not come from the burning of fossil fuels. Only about 14 percent of it does.Quote 3: The AP said: "Global temperatures increased by about 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.6 degrees Celsius) during the 20th century, and international panels of scientists sponsored by world governments have concluded that most of the warming probably was due to greenhouse gases." Facts: Most of 20th Century glbaol warming occurred in the first few decades of that century, before the widespread burning of fossil fuels (and before 82 percent of the increase in atmospheric CO2 observed in the 20th Century). If the AP is referring to the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the AP should become aware that the IPCC report itself (the part written by scientists) reached no consensus on climate change. What did reach a conclusion was an IPCC "summary for policymakers" prepared by political appointees. Most reporters quote only the summary, being either too lazy or too undereducated to understand the actual report. This does not explain, however, why reporters don't more frequently interview scientists who helped prepare it scientists such as IPCC participant Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT, who says the IPCC report is typically "presented as a consensus that involves hundreds, perhaps thousands, of scientists and none of them was asked if they agreed with anything in the report except for the one or two pages they worked on." Lindzen also draws a sharp distinction between the scientists' document and its politicized summary: "the document itself is informative; the summary is not."

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