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Monday, February 09, 2009



"Massive responses with little explanation will probably make things worse"

who will explain what to whom?

I guess that he means
"Massive responses with little understanding of the situation will probably make things worse "

Duncan do you agree with "understanding of the situation" or your take on this is different?

It is too bad that people cannot write clearly, because they are not able to convey their thoughts.



I think Taylor is very keen to by-pass the psychological effects of the Lehman collapse on the stock market;

Taylor in his article states that ”The realization by the public that the government's intervention plan had not been fully thought through, and the official story that the economy was tanking, likely led to the panic seen in the next few weeks..”

His thesis is based on “LIKELY” ?!

Why not accept the obvious, i.e. that ”The fear by the public that banks like Lehman will fail, and the official story that the economy was tanking, led to the panic seen in the next few weeks.. The de-leveraging of hedge funds accelerated the fall into the abyss”.

By the way, the article is detailed on analysis of past events (15/20 hindsight… not 20/20) and lacking proposals on what needs to be done.


E. Grigsby Snarf


You've obviously not been paying attention to any of President Obama's speeches. He has made it clear to even the most obstenent among us that the current crisis was created by the tax cuts of the last eight years.


Snarf, clearly not! When The One says the only thing we have to fear is not being afraid enough, I guess I tune out. I saw that the 'help the rich' rate cut part of Bush's cuts (39% to 36%) are worth about $30B a year, so in one Porkulus Obama is creating a deficit that it would have taken Bush 30 years to create! I can only conclude that Bush did not cut enough, hence Obama's remarks.


This little vetgitne is so rich, if one is willing to look a bit deeper. I may be reading too much into this, but here’s where I went with it: Those moments of honesty (“Terrible, nobody wants me any more”) are a heart truth, a feeling of uselessness that calls for attention, even in the face of the apparent contradiction by the Elder’s change in demeanor when family shows up. This, to me, is perhaps very telling. It can take more than periodic visits from beloved people to have a person feel deeply connected. That’s where Greenhouse communities come in (and people like Sarah) by creating a steady, enveloping community of constancy of connection. They are truly environments that culture well-being. “Culture,” here, is a verb, as in growing a culture in a petri dish. Remember those from high school biology class? With the right “environment” they would become overgrown with lush life. So Greenhouse communities “culture” the rich, almost undefinable experience of human connection, of being valued and useful, of being wanted for who you are, of being truly Alive.

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