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Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Ah I wasn't really aware that it was shown on Channel 4 and not the BBC, shows I don't know much about your telivesion across the pond. My host crashed and I lost a couple comments from the past few days where another poster brought up the same concerns you have about distortion and context but the sources he provided (from the scientists themselves) were a little inconclusive. Actually I don't think the program tried dodging the fact that it has warmed in the past 30 years (I'm guessing that's what killed the hysteria around Global Cooling ). The biggest thing I took away from it is that there is insufficient evidence to link human carbon emissions to that rise in temperature. The most logical theory to me is that warming and cooling cycles on Earth are caused by increased and decreased periods of solar activity in the Sun.


Now I've lived to hear everything. Mr. Bubbles adtmis too big to fail has been a disaster. What next, a mea culpa on structured finance? A "sorry" from the Free Market crowd for deregulation? Let's not stop at too big to fail when these corps are also too big to prosecute. Any corporation in a public utility business like banking should have to agree that they will not be too lawyered up to be prosecuted. Instead of Corporate Integrity Agreements CIAs) we need Corporate Regulation Agreements for Prosecution (CRAPs).


You're preaching to the choir with this one. The long term trend over deacdes is global warming. During that long term there will be lots of hot and cold fluctuations both above and below that global warming trend. When I hear the argument that you did I want to give the person a stupid slap. One comedian might say, Here's your sign. Some clearly don't understand. The others are either in denial or willing to risk it all for a bit more of what they consider the good life with the minor result of global warming. We're losing the ice at the poles. No cold snap will help that. How to turn that attitude around? I have no idea.


I think that its's interesting you bring up this point. B/c America has been so denepdent on the government to provide for retirement and social security. But if we could just find a way to make it all for ourselves and set our lives up to our fullest possibilities we wouldn't worry about depending on any one or any program. It's still every man for themselves.

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