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Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I like to add some other stuff I don't judge or take sides because I know its wrong but here is a great story let me tell you about a small town thats on the map in the news tinyrg to make proffit but in a bad way this town is very crooked really bad they judge a man sole or proffit on his spirit here they judge people on socail secirty tinyrg to make a great future for them self like if they go to college they don't like that they judge you for that even police officer judge you because they belive your a criminal you should never have a life no matter what you can't even change your live around to make a bright future for your self even if a person was plant in bad sowel he can still change into a good person or if the sowel was good and the person went bad he still has a chance to change into a great person but in this town state of Iowa town city clinton they judge you here bad and discriminat against you here they believe your stealing stuff from them you live you all your live but they bring new people into this town and try to push you out even the police station is corrupted why let me tell you why say if a person turned him self into the police for breaking the law you know what they do they rush you into stuff not to help you but to hurt you see a person could have avoided this by going to see a psychologist and none of this would have happen what you say like stuff putting into the press letting the community hurt and discriminat a person they do this alot in clinton,Iowa they hire wrong people here so they can get rich off of a person here so you see its every where this could be happening..


Sometimes politics can get weird, and The Satirical Political Report prvoes this with this news item: Congress Passes New e28098Seinfelde28099 Law: AIG Execs e28098Have to Be Our Butlerse28099

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