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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


fever symptoms

When tonsils are infected, they will look redder than usual and swollen.

* A grayish-white or yellowish coating may cover part or all of the tonsils.

* The surrounding area of the throat near the tonsils also may appear red and inflamed. There may be swelling at the sides of the neck as the lymph nodes grow larger while producing cells to fight the infection.

tonsils symptoms

Treatment of tonsillitis aims to relieve its symptoms. Surgery is very rarely required.

* It is not always necessary to identify the exact cause of tonsillitis before beginning treatment, but it generally is advisable to at least determine whether the infection is due to streptococcal bacteria, so that appropriate treatment can be started. A "rapid strep" test is now available. If the test is positive, it is almost certain that your child's tonsillitis is caused by streptococcus bacteria. If the test is negative, a traditional laboratory culture will be needed.

* Tonsillitis caused by streptococcus bacteria must be treated with penicillin or other suitable antibiotics in order to prevent the development of rheumatic fever A disease that is caused by the body's reaction to infection by a bacterium known as group A beta hemolytic streptococcus. The disease can cause inflammation of the joints and damage to the heart.. Penicillin is the best drug to use, unless your child has an allergy to it. It should be given by mouth for at least 10 days. Taking penicillin for shorter time periods may not completely clear up the infection.


Liberals tend to believe that tgohaulh there are cyclical changes in climate, those changes are being compounded by pollution from the burning of fossil fuels. Science, for the most part, agrees. Conservatives seem to believe that global warming is caused by god and it's nothing to worry about. They want to keep using oil and coal until there is not a bit of it left and THEN they will look into alternative energy solutions.


I think global wrmiang is caused by humans, I base such thoughts on the research and conclusions made by most climatologists. They could be wrong, and I accept that possibility but until the climatologist community finds evidence to show it is not the result of pollution I will continue to believe it is.Al Gore had nothing to do with my views, I haven't even seen the guy's movie or seen him talk of it.

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