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Monday, November 30, 2009


Mark B

I think this is an ingenius way to propigate an agenda which includes generating the most revenue in history, this revenue will promote a eutopia that will have butterflies and polar bear singing the climate cabal's praises. This oppressive control over industry will styfle new job creation, raise prices,stagnate economic growth, and will in effect unite the world into one world government (eventually) which will bring the united State's standard of living down in order to bring other parts of the World's up as a result. These aging internationist hippies have taken one too many hits of acid, and through the manipulated media complex have brain washed our children and even our peers into believing all this propaganda. The science is bogus and people need to know they are yet again being bamboozaled by the very people who are supposed to be protecting and propigating capitalism, free market principles,prosperity and growth, and yes they are also supposed to be protecting and uphold the U.S. Constitution which the federal government disregards and defiles on a regular basis.
God Help Us All.

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