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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Man in a Shed

What gets me here is that if I was a government minister and was presented with an idea to spend trillions of pounds I'd want the working checked, quality controlled and audited( at such a small fraction of the planned cost to make it a no-brainer decision ).

Its very clear from the CRU leak and the reactions to this that no independent audit has ever been carried out.

That is really very, very suspect.


Thanks for the clarification, Charles. I was going to use Chicken Little but didn't want to apepar too talk-radioish. Of course, you failed to address the underlying point how many people, when asked to put their money where their mouth is, all of a sudden lose their religion. If such true believers are loathe to commit to the very policies that in the abstract they claim to approve, why should an increasingly skeptical public do so? I understand you are fully bought in to the global warming/climate change agenda but surely as someone who claims to value the truth you must be troubled by the so-called Climategate (can we put a moratorium on Scandal-gate forever, by the way) revelations of the desire to change the meaning of and make meaningless peer-reviewed literature so as to support the strongly held beliefs of AGW proponents and minimize legitimate scientific dissent? No? How about the temperature record data from collection stations that didn't exist at the time they are purported to have provided readings? How about the revelation that the majority of Chinese temperature collection stations had either moved over time or never existed, rendering their data meaningless? Those are some of the reasons why the public is skeptical. Supporters of AGW have cleverly have tried to dismiss the controversy by positing that scientists always talk like that in private. Never mind the pretzel logic required to believe that. It's not about the words. It's about the actions that their words describe.You're an investigative reporter. Let's be honest here. Follow the money. Al Gore is a partner in Generation Investment Management. Their mission statement includes the phrase Deliver superior investment performance by taking a long term investment view and integrating sustainability research within a rigorous fundamental equity analysis framework. Think he doesn't have some incentive to pump AGW? In the old days we'd call him a shill. The more skeptical among us might contemplate the term stock fraud.Should one wonder about scientists who see the government funding opportunities available to study and act on AGW might all of a sudden find that, lo and behold, it DOES exist? They've got mouths at home to feed to.Try following that money too.

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