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Friday, November 20, 2009



I used to work with a very large US based MNC whose name begins with G as in Germany and which was a "AAA" till last year and which has a large capital unit which it now wants to dis-member --- this company has literally bet the ranch on this climate change rubbish and in the words of a close freind of mine working in its jet engine division, found this to be a golden opportunity to sell the same old rubbish with minor tinkering at 50% mark-up because it claims and no one dare dispute this, that these gen-next engines protect the environment --- this go green thing has been seized upon by the larger companies of the world to screw the smaller upstarts because what it practically means is larger investments, longer product development life-cycles etc etc -- which all suit the goliath....I think Michael Crichton wrote a wonderful book on this a long time ago, demonstrating convincingly that IPCC and their ilk are distorting data and as the above article suggests, even suppressing it...

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Maybe it is time for the GW Plumbers to go to jail, or at least be fired and kept away from the core climate data: Phil Jones, Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt, James Hansen, Keith Briffa, Malcolm Hughes and Kevin Trenberth. They were the ones circulating the emails, they were the co-conspirators of the fraud, and they deserve to be treated as the self-righteous con men they have been shown to be.


Kyle, you may be right. I've found the photos with Google iemags and all of them were placed either under environment or global warming viral ads. So I took them for granted.

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