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Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Honestly right now,neither.Global warming is naaturl,made worse by human contribution,but oh that's nothing to Earth,a million years is nothing,not even a billion,she's seen so much in her life.The economy I think should be left alone,government intervention with economy,regardless of party in control has usually made things worse.What is important to me right now is getting America back to what it should be.What our Founding Fathers envisioned.I blame both sides here,both don't seem to care about our freedom.No I am not an anarchist,but the auto-bailouts,patriot act,IRS,Federal Reserve,the federal government trying to control state law (in aspects to gay marriage,and many other things) etc. are direct violations of or constitution.I live in Texas and can say a succession here could be plausible in the future.Edit: About global warming.I love how the people who promote cleaner energy,such as Al Gore and Pat Robertson have a surplus of their own leisure jets.I am what Americans call a "classical liberal".

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