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Sunday, December 13, 2009



honestly, theres nihtong u can do, its truely out of the individuals hands, the only thing we are doing by recycling and using less energy and shit is buying a small fraction of time,id say 20 yrs at the most, its up to industries and governments to save the planet, not us, and i dont see that happening, nasa will keep launching popping holes in the ozone,factories are still gonna make whatever they have to to keep the economy going, Ala chanting ragheads are still gonna set oil fields on fire, and we are still gonna fly our jet fighters over to blow them up, our planet is fucked, it will never stop, the best thing i have thought of to do is not to reproduce and have children that will suffer in the future, dont get me wrong, im all for saving the planet and do my best to not waste but at the same time im a realist and accept the planet earths fate, sad but true so when u wanna know what u can do i guess the only thing i can seriously suggest is prayer

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