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August 27, 2005


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the live view?, you have to put it on one of the specialty setintgs, like apeture priority (Av), then press the menu button, then at the top there will be different colored boxes, go to the the second yellow one (with the two dots on the side) and go down to live view function setintgs, click on that , by pressing the SET button, then enable the live view shoot. you can only use manual focus though when on live view, you set it to that by switching the little notch on the side of the lens (MF), then use the thing that turns, with the rigid stripes on it, to focus ( the thinner one, closest to the end of the lens)References :


This is way more hlpeful than anything else I’ve looked at.

Ray Tapajna

Explore the lost worlds in the Flat World of Globalist Free Traders like Thomas Friedman of the New York Times and the Clintons from the Land of "is".
The Democrats were the first to pass the unfair trade agreements with President Bill Clinton leading the way. Today Congressman Kucinich is the only Democrat calling for the close down of NAFTA and the WTO. The others still use the Globalist language of a Flat World or level playing field which is never going to happen.
History tells us what happens when workers have no voice in the process of Globalization and Free Trade. They revolt.

Friedman leaves so much out of his book the Flat World that it should not even be considered as any kind of real study.
Labor is the only variable and he ignores the fact that the cost of labor is the driving force of all the things he tries to tells us is Globalization.
He does not even mention the Lend Lease Act that changed the world. It was based on supplying allies with products and food even though they had no money to pay for what they needed to fight WW2. It proved you can not do business with people who do not have money. You can only use them for selfish interests.

He mentions the Marshall Plan in only one short sentence as the U.S. being busy with Europe and Japan but neglects to tell us in his book that the Marshall Plan, based on the awesome industrial power that won World War 2 helped restore local value added economies that stood the test of time for over fifty years.

He does not tell us the cause of World War 2 was all about economics. The allies tried to make a large farm out of Germany after World War 1 and the USA reversed the Open Door policy for Japan. Wars follows nonsense like this.

Free Trade and Globalization follows a similar pattern which marries governments as brokers and dealers for vast trans national corporations using workers as commodities to be traded based on the cheapest labor markets of the world.

Only local value added economies in balanced geopoltical settings will work. We chopped up the Golden Goose that layed the Golden Eggs. Who said we had to compete like this in an fake global arena. Who steered all this from the beginning. It was the USA Federal Government that start moving factories outside the USA in 1956.
For more information, see http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews http://tapsearch.com/flatworld

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