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December 09, 2005


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Because everything is rleetad to it, it's impossible for you to not be having an effect, and you must give up aspects of your lifestyle at Al Gore's request, because you will always be in the wrong, and you will be required to buy carbon credits from Gore's company or you'll go to jail.If it's warm, cold, hot, getting warmer, getting colder, raining, heat wave, cold snap, it's all global warming, every bit of it, and so what if that's exactly what the earth has been doing for ever? Shape up, or face punishment under the law.


Why is world population not the _big_ issue? That's the primary factor that drives secondary effects such as global warming, environmental stress, depletion of resources, poverty and on and on.

As an example, no matter how energy efficient cars become, if an increasing number of the 1.2 billion Chinese begin driving, that'd overwhelm any such efficiencies. Or are they not to become so affluent?

And what's the sense of Kyoto when developing nations like China and India are given a pass? Manufacturing has already been massively shifted to those countries. Wouldn't it be better for manufacturing to stablize and remain in the developed nations which have better environmental regulations and technology?

It's not that Global Warming is/isn't occurring; it's that it's the big issue. Why would environmentalist focus on that, and not overpopulation? On the harm being done to the US through out-of-control immigration? Is it really about the environment at all? One does have to wonder.
-- rc

Paul Martino

This is a strong case, but where is the evidence that HUMANS are causing the build up? Sure there is more C02, but where is the SUVs "did it" part? As you mention a single forrest fire puts out way more.

The problem here still remains: the leftists, socialists, and marxists are united in blaming the HUMANS so that they can heavily regulate progress and growth.


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