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June 12, 2006


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They should have a self sevicre kiosk there, probably a Kodak one (Duane Reade stores have a different brand, i think its Fugi; i've only used one in Duane Reade once, but they all work about the same). You take the memory card out of the camera (if you don't have a memory card, Some of the kiosks will let you hook it up with the cable, like you would use to transfer them to your computer, not all of them do though). You find the slot for your kind of memory card, pop it in, touch the screen and follow the directions, the kiosk walks you through it and they employees Should be trained to help you. They are really easy to use, the quality is good and most of them will print your photos right there at the kiosk, pretty much instantly (some machines are pick up later though, just make sure you ask beforehand if you're in a hurry)


I've now been to 2 tropical wedding this year (fall and summer) and orange has been the highlighted color at each. It seems that American tropical brides were onto the orange revolution before those Italians caught on for their high fashion ideas. I guess this once again proves that the bride is always right.


J graduated already? OMG. I still have the drawing he did of a ninja turtle when he was seven.

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