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January 03, 2008


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Rammohan Rao

I am a proud Indian, but prouder now after reading your blog. Send it out to my friends.


Its funny you picked up on the accomodation theme pretty quickly.

There is an ad by an Indian underwear company talking about how people "adjust" a lot in India. But thankfully with thier underwear, you dont need to adjust :)

srisha rao

i was stumped by how quickly you got your finger on the pulse and heartbeat india - yes! the word definitely is ACCOMMODATING. beautifully written, bringing out all the dualities that most of us indians understand and know all too well.

Dalrymple's words resonated in my ears while i was reading your blog - the british did not merely conquer india, they were seduced by it.

mangala shetty

I am truly stunned by your amazing and accurate analysis of what makes India tick and the greatness and pitfalls of our culture.As a proud Indian, I often wonder what we could achieve if only we can eradicate bribery,corruption and internalize more structure and organizational skills.I feel strongly that there has to be a total overhaul of our political system with younger, passionate thinktanks running for political office

Kishore Jethanandani

Interesting observations about diversity and accommodation. This will be the cultural basis of invention in India. Look at food in Bangalore as you have observed. The cuisine reflects the diversity of India and the world. Yet the quality is distinctively Bangalore. Nowhere else I have eaten food of that kind.

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