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February 28, 2009


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Egypt is safe, even safer than American big cities. You can walk down a main setret in the middle of the night and not worry for your safety, unlike in big cities here in the States.I went to Egypt alone, not with a group. I felt very safe, and experienced kindness and warmth from mostly everyone I met. Of course there are those merchants who will sweet talk you just to get a sale, but you can smell that coming, and that's everywhere, not just in Egypt. Most of the people there were sincere in their kindness, and they were sooo polite!The crime rate there is very low, far lower than in the States. If you're going in a group, good. If you're alone, good. I'm a woman and went alone, and was fine. Egyptians were even watching out for my safety!As for how Egyptians treat each other vs. how they treat tourists, it's 100% true that they treat others much better than how they treat each other. And yes, this is very true for Americans there.


to me Egyptians love Americans, we just don't love your government. I told him that's okay, many Americans feel the exact same way you do. The only thing you'll sufefr from in Egypt being American is the price of things. Egyptians get a huge discount and being the wife of an Egyptian, I did too. Of course some places even asked for proof of marriage, lol! So we showed them our ID's and since I took his last name, it really helped us out. Anyways, once they know you are a tourist, the prices are jacked up tremendously. Of course 30 Egyptian pounds equal about $5, but it seems a steal when you can get it for 5 Egyptian pounds , lol! You'll also have tons of guides sticking to you hoping you'll use their services. Many even give you the tour first and then ask for money when you're done (sneaky). As far as your safety goes, don't insult Egypt and you'll do just fine. The Egyptians are very warm hearted people and they give as much and sometimes more than they can to make sure you are happy and comfortable. Some places you HAVE to see if/when you go: take a Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan and try to catch Abu Simbel too if you can, the Pyramids and Muhammad Ali Castle in Cairo, oh and the National Museum in Cairo but be sure you see the temples and tombs first, there are many beautiful mosques and churches all throughout Egypt (just make sure you ask if you can tour before you enter, some have strict policies), and you can't leave Egypt without seeing Alexandria. There you can visit the Qait Bay fort, Montaza Palace, Alexandria Library (built on the site they believe the ancient library was), another museum, take a carriage ride along the seaside, oh and the ruins of a Roman theater. SO much fun stuff to do. You'll be so glad you went. Good luck!


The buildings are so amaxing. I am always awed at how they were able to construct such great building wonders with the technology we think they had. Great photos.

David ' Cheap Red Sea Holidays' Hall

What an amazing post!

I visited Cairo, Aswan and Luxor a few years back and this brought the memories flooding back.

Thank you!

Betsy Haas

Fabulous photos and informative text!

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