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March 15, 2011


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Well, as far as I know there is no waste. But the problem with solar is that it is imripctacal in many places in the world. It depends totally on the sun and the weather. Nuclear energy is not evil like many people might say it is. It is very highly regulated, and most of that waste is just things like clothing worn by people. The waste usually has very low doses of radiation and is safely stored where it can not effect the environment. It's not at all like you might see on the Simpsons with green sludge being dumped into lakes and streams, causing mutations. But the problem is that it has to be there for thousands of years before it can be removed. If I had to pick which energy source was going to power my city I would definately go with solar, but it just won't work in most places. I don't know for sure, but I think I have heard that solar energy is not all that efficient. I saw a thing on TV once about a solar energy plant in southern Spain. It was a pretty large state of the art solar plant, but it only powered the small town nearby.Maybe in the future there will be better technology allowing us to harness the suns power in a better way.


JDNY78July 12, 2011 Awesome review! But Houston we have a prbeolm, looking to buy a camera today or asap time for an upgrade and not submitting any photos to Time mag lol. Wanted to know if i should go with the 8100 or the 9100 only $45 difference. Looking for a good p s digital, it`s time for an upgrade you made it easy.BB is running a sale on S81 S91 decisions, decisions. If you get a chance your response would be appreciated. Thanks again for a review you can sit through!

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Oh the joys of traveling around and through disasters. I once flew into Narita on China Airlines as a hurricane was approaching. Needless to say the flight was rocky and late. I was greeted on the jetway by an American Airlines rep who ran me across the terminal to the American San Jose flight they were holding for me. I jumped on and they slammed the door behind me. Somehow the plane got off the ground, the last flight out of Narita before they closed the airport for the duration of the storm. Turns out it was the pilot's last flight before he retired, and he wanted to get home. Otherwise I suspect we would have spent the night at Narita.

I got stuck in Seattle on 9/11. When they eventually started flying I was on one of the first flights out of Seattle. As with you, my plane was half empty.

I have more stories like this. Business travel is indeed an adventure at times.

And those damn plugs... when I was in the computer system business we could never seem to get the right plug shipped with the system.

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