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January 24, 2012


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easyshare digital camera

The real question, however, is who is this for? I keep going in circles on it. Is it the camera equivalent of the iPod Touch, which is pretty much the iPhone without the phone?


Android camera is popular for life, when we are travel can't without camera. small size, easy take is the best features.


I love it already cant wait to see more dont stop ttankig photos and please take a photo of your LOMO Diana F camera they are the cutest things ever nice and colourful


i agree with emre it only simulates the broreds of a polaroid, and even those have a unique pattern that's really hard to copy with a computer i study media design and have a lot of well I like to call them mac junkies. don't get me wrong, I love my mac, but they think they can emulate anything with their computers which doesn't work and so look their final pieces flat, artificial unfortunately they treat us few in the course who like to experiment with materials and get their fingers dirty with utter arrogance well, we'll see who gets a job first.I would just get a pack of Polaroids the unexpected effects you get are very pretty and really unique. sure it's not cheap but so isn't printer ink and high-gloss photo paper. I just hope polaroid is not gonna be the next victim of the digital age. For my part I'll stick to the real deal.

3G Tablets

This is pretty interesting. A lot of cameras nowadays are innovating for a certain span of time.

Petter Joe

i am just affect to apprehend your article. accumulate it up. your commodity advice us to added info.

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Jeg kunne godt lide din blog. Det er let at læse, at indholdet er godt, og du er en kult forfatter modsætning til de fleste blogs, som jeg er i søgen efter dette emne. Jeg vil kigge igen og se i fremtiden, hvis du har flere elementer. Tak for udstationering det, jeg sætter pris på de oplysninger og den indsats, du lægger ind på hjemmesiden.

Tips for Safe Travel

Such a beautiful gadget this is. Thank you for introducing. I am very happy to read this post.


Nice pictures of your camera. Please take a look at my website thanks.


mbt chaussures

Je viens de je ne peux pas lire. Il fait si froid, si plein d'informations, je ne sais pas. C'est bien de voir que les gens sont en train d'écrire sur ce sujet de façon intelligente et nous montrer toutes les pages complètement différentes. Un blogueur très bonne. S'il vous plaît Keep it up. Je ne peux pas attendre de lire ce que vous cliquez sur Suivant.

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J'ai bien aimé votre blog. Il est facile à lire, le contenu est bon, et vous êtes un auteur culte contrairement à la plupart des blogs que je suis à la recherche de ce sujet. Je vais vérifier à nouveau et de voir à l'avenir si vous avez plusieurs éléments. Merci de poster ce, je vous remercie de l'information et l'effort que vous mettez dans le site.

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Ich stimme zu: Ich denke, es ist ein riesiger Schritt in die richtige Richtung für Mobiltelefone. die ehrfürchtige Teil davon ist die Kamera 16MP, das ist eine riesige Entwicklung.

RV Windshields

I agree: I think it's a huge step in the right direction for mobile phones. Definitely looking forward to the complete package phone/camera's that will follow.

philippines skyscraper blogger

Pretty good combination of a camera powered by an android OS. And the awesome part of it is the camera is 16mp, that's a huge development.

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