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Sunday, December 07, 2003


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Prechter Watcher

"He began prophesizing this inevitability as far back as 1995..."

I have old copies of "A Turn of the Tidal Wave" from 1989, and I'm pretty sure Rukeyser nailed Prechter for being a perma-bear in the early '90s.

Not meant to nitpick, because the point about M3 is so sound (as evidenced by the pooh-poohs emanating from Wall Street).

It's important for us all to remember that Prechter turned his back on a 10+ year bull market. Whether he applied a good theory badly or brilliantly interpreted a rotten notion, Prechter helped fatally wound EWT.


Good comment. I have followed Prechter since the mid-80s, but first read the "Tidal Wave" book in the edition published in '95.


Prechter will be wrong again, as he always is.

Prechter doesn't even trade or risk his own money in the markets, he is a bookseller and newsletter hustler.

Wouldn't you want to listen to someone who actually risks money? Or Prechter who has nothing to lose, but gets more suckers to buy his newsletters.

I admire Prechters social commentary, but dont use Prechter for making money.

Prechter also ignores his own research. Several key MAJOR long-term Social buy indicators ocurred at Dow 7700 and Nasdaq 1300.

While Prechter is waiting for Dow 600. I'll see you guys at Dow 36,000 in 10-15 years.


this is all so true...

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