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Saturday, February 28, 2004


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jesse slingerland

I thought this websites opinion was that prechter had a "doom and gloom opinion" because he doesnt use a chart plotting on a constant dollar basis? He uses the wrong charts in his application of elliott wave theory but we should pay for his service?


His big picture may be off but his services should call the short-term twists and turns of the next 18 months quite well, given we are leaving a non-directional move and entering a directional move. Also, his analysis of underlying social mood is still excellent.

jesse slingerland

thanks for the response

Brian Costello

I am also a big fan of Zoran. His competence and ethical behaviour are both admirable.
Your assumptions above are, I believe, in the money.
Brian Costello

Hamed Elbarki

Great article, thanks for sharing!

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