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Sunday, May 29, 2005


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No bear yet

Eric Noel wrote: "Neely vs. Prechter - Time will be the judge."

There is no comparison between the two Eric.

Neely offers tradeable Advanced Placement Graduate Level wave analysis. Prechter offers un-tradeable guesses.

Comparing Neely to Prechter is like comparing Jonas Salk to a girl scout with band-aids.

There is no comparison.

This debate ended long ago in 1988 when Prechter wasnt even competent enough to call the greatest market rallies since the Civil War.

If your theory misses the greatest rallies in market history, there is something very wrong with your theory.

Neely didnt miss any of them. He called them all.

Neely = 7 time Tour De France Champion of "The Great Wave Debate"

Prechter = Lost out on the course


What I like about Neely is he is a multi-millionaire who trades his own account and analysis right with his clients. On single trades Neely has profited million dollar gains.

Prechter has never made any million dollar trades because he doesnt even trade.

Who would you trust more with a million dollars? Neely or Prechter.

Pieter van der Hoogte

I can only feel extreme disgust for Prechter. This mechalomanic dramaqueen needs attention and wants to be immortal without the quality that comes with it. He predicted SO MANY TIMES A CRASH AND IT NEVER CAME. Disgusting, he cost a lot of people a lot of money. Neely I didn't know, I will study his predictions.

tony caldaro


Was doing a blog search and came upon your site. Technically, I feel both Prechter and Neely are incorrect. In mid 1987, I warned Bob of an impending top and he decided to use it as an laternate count. The rest is history. In 1998, I again corresponded with Bob stating that he should use his influence to warn everyone of the impending supercycle top.

We are in the next supercycle bull market. Just check my blog to see the correct count.

Best to you,


The one thing you can be sure about when you come across Prechter is that results don't matter, and fame does. He succeeded in bringing Elliott to the world, but now is doing daily disservice to it. He's a brilliant theorist and self-publicist, but you've got to wonder how on earth he came top of that famous trading championship when he seems to be so wrong, all the time. And how can he be SO DARN FULL OF HIMSELF when he keeps getting it wrong all the time.

His style has infected EWI as a whole it seems. They talk as if they're the biggest smart alec know-it-alls on the planet, and treat Prechter as if he's the Pope. You gotta wonder how they cope with being wrong all the time. When they're not fawning over their illustrious Bob, I guess they must just be drinking themselves into oblivion rather than opening their latest brokerage statements.

As for the cries of "Wolf! Wolf!", there are no monsters under my bed at the moment. I trade what I SEE, not what egotistical theoreticians THINK.

I devised a great new indicator: whenever Prechter publishes a book about The Great Bear Market (1995, 2002), you can be he's got a count of at least Primary degree completely wrong. I bet he publishes his next one in about 2008.


EWI frontpage is a disgrace of pompous know-it-alls that gloat they predicted every move in every market.

Recently they ridiculed to no end long term investors who have only made 3% return.

Guess what? EWI you suck even more, you've LOST 18% PER YEAR FOR LAST 20 YEARS!!!

What a bunch of morons at EWI.


Nicely put, Mike. Most people at EWI are morons and should be told so as often as possible.


What's the betting that Prechter was bullied at high school?!

Sharad C. Kapadia


I feel that when you are investing your hard earned money/savings in stock or other future markets, you have to do your homework yourself, only with the help/crutches of variouis theories/indicators.

Has some one made any Elliott Wave application of wave count on all the scrips in which Warren Buffett has invested? That should prove to be a practical and useful case study for both fundamental and technical investors alike.

Remember, there is nothing like pure white and pure black. There are many shades and variations which we have to understand-now and always.

Best Wishes.

Sharad C. Kapadia


Dear Sir,
If you are looking for Dow 100000 by mid century, simply invest 11.000 $ (the curent DJ level)at 5,75% (see 30 year T-bond yield) and get a "risk free meal" of 180000$
(11000*(1+0.0575)^50)without the need to visit the various "technical sites".

I an afraid Neely's prediction leads to the opposite direction that of equities underperformance vs fixed income securities......

Roland Watson

"Both Neely and Prechter are bearish on Gold for the next few years."

I guess both Neely and Prechter had gold down to near $200 by now (April 2008), it is actually just below $1000!

So much for that prediction...


I think Neely changed his Gold count sometime back becos his site was flashing their bullish outlook at $ 650. Recently after $ 1000 was hit, Neely seemed to have turned bearish

forex forum

Gold is at its peak right now. it will drop like a rock by next year.


Tony yeah right...

So we were in a super cycle bull ?

where are we now...

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