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Monday, October 02, 2006


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ahhhh!!! I now feel better because I know what Prechter thinks.
.. I am also happy because the Dow "loser" Predator is back.

Clown Caldero remains bullish... so am I because my coin and buy!!



I'll buy that as a possibility. The usually weak month of September was exeptionally strong this year. You could even hear it in the media at the end of August and beginning of September that September is a bad month. So everybody who has caught on to seasonal characteriics in the market probably sold in July and August - no sellers in September and the market drifts up. Now the question is whether the seasonality herd will be handed a falling knife when they come back into the market in November and will team EWI bring home a few runs?


What pisses me off is that the October EWT is for October. The August EWT was for August, and that lousy Interim Report was it for September. We was robbed!

Coin says down day today. Tails.

Oh, back to EWT. turn date was supposed to be 9/22, now it's 10/24, wait, I think it's Thanksgiving, no better yet, it's Christmas Eve. No, I know, turn date is MLK day, no President's Day, no St. patrick's day. for crissakes!


Here are turn dates: October 13 (39 week cycle to bottom), October 17 (sprial calendar date), October 24 (fibo date cluster going back to Jan 2000). BUT these dates are liable to product a tradable LOW - NOT a HIGH. Therefore, look to buy at the end of the month for the big winter run-up. Wait until January 1 2007 to read the October theorist and get a good laugh as the DOW is hitting all-time highs. By then the fans will have left the stadium with him still standing at the plate.

Rogert Prethener, Jr.

Spiral date is not October 17. It is whenever I say it is, dammit.

Okay, it's the 17th. But keep it a damned secret, will ya! I charge people 16.18 for that kind of super scientific information.

I work very hard to read the future, harder than anyone, dammit!

I use the scientific method known as Socionomical Trading. This says that man's nature unfolds in waves of optimism and pessimism.

Isn't that terrific?



Not being facetious at all, Yelnick, but why "mighty" Prechter? The amount of coverage his views get continues to astound me. Great theoretician, great self-publicist, thanks for giving EWP to the world - but the forecasts???

Mightily confused,



Confuseius, it is a riff on the poem Might Casey At Bat. It's baseball playoff season! Maybe he'll strike out, maybe hit a home run.


Ah. For those of us who hail from outside the USA, that is news...


If I didn't know any better, and obviously I don't because I flip a coin for decisions, I'd say this market's sole objective is to drive Prechter out of business. No one, not even an unfair coin, could be this wrong for this long and for this many times.

Look at that turnaround. It's like everybody on the street finally made it through all 12 pages of the EWT and said, "he's nuts, buy 'em up."


The market mistress. She will instantly betray anyone claiming to have won her favor.

Prechter bullish on gold

Prechter says he will turn bullish on gold if it goes above $400

Prechter Watch - Consumer Fraud Division

No wiggle room ck/2006/04/more_breaking_n.html

If gold moves up more than $30, Prechter will become a gold bull.


Bull market is almost over, now in a 5th of a 5th of a 5th of a 5th of a 5th ending diagonal triangle.

Prechter will be proven right.


For those readers who have lost faith in Elliott Wave, are tired of the shenanigans of contributors to this blog, or just want a different opinion, here are two prognosticators that are reading the tea leaves quite well.
This guy readily admits when he is wrong and adjusts to market conditions. Currently has a target of 1360 on the S&P emini.
Terry Laundry's T Theory predicts a possible retracement between Oct 6 and early November then much higher prices until Sept. 2007.


Whatever happened to the Bearish Diamond formation?


“Wave 3 imminent! Crash due now!”

Maybe we could get some vinyl pressed up with this message on the run-out groove. It would play on permanent repeat and you would save a subscription! Cool! (ha ha I can already hear you thinking "yes, and chart $16.18 for it")


This Friday, bonds yields may make news lows if we get weak jobs data. Good time to buy bonds on any weakness this week!


I hope every is enjoying the bond bull market, it will continue.


Oh yeah, we should probably charge $161.8 for the record, not $16.18 - not even poor old Fibonacci is immune to the Big Men at the Fed


Breaking News!!

The book Beautiful Pictures from Bob Prechter that explained the all-time high on the Dow (January 14,2000) is now for sale.

$1.618 dollars!!

hurry! before the Dow reaches 12,000!


I wonder if Prechter is going to send an interim report telling us that the rules from the EWP are now different and that wave 2 can retrace more that 100% of 1?... JA JA JA!!,
that would explain his new crash scenario.!!

I have said it before..the EWP is bullshit!... Prechter, Caldaro, Neely, Dow Penetrator....they are all losers!!

Prechter = LOSER


I warned you guys this coin said: BUY!!!!
According to my coin is a BUY tomorrow again!

I wonder if Prechter is going to hide now? Lets wait to see what he publishes now.....let me guess?..... a CRASH!!

tony caldaro

DOW hits all time new highs and there are still bears. ???
The bear market in the DOW/SPX/NDX/NAZ was three waves. Like they always are.
OEW outperforms all those marketing guys again!
BTW, we're a long way from the bull market top.

A real dead guy

Now for the real (dead guy) turn dates
Oct 11 Bradley (guessing high?)
Mercury retro 10-27 to 11-17
Positive Sun Jupiter aspect 11-21
11-28 Bradley (guessing low) the other big
one for the year, 5-20 (high) being the first.

And some very positive Sun Jupiter aspects in the
first half of next year.
So I guess I'm with Yelnick and Zoran

Happy Trading


Neely sent out the following message today:

It has taken six years to accomplish, but the Dow Jones Industrial average finally made an all-time new high today! Great news for Wall Street and NEoWave practitioners, but probably not such great news for orthodox, Elliott Wave analysts.

In mid 1988, less than a year after the 1987 stock market crash low, I experienced an onslaught of ridicule and criticism (mostly from orthodox Elliott Wave analysts) when I said "the 1987 stock market low will not be broken for 100 years." Nearly 20 years later, my unique NEoWave approach clearly provided the most accurate roadmap.

Again, in mid 2003, I forecast the 2002 stock market low might hold for the rest of my life. Laughed at for my perspective at the time, NEoWave accurately kept us on the correct side of that large S&P uptrend, also.

Even though the Dow has made an all-time new high, the S&P is far from accomplishing that task. It will take another 1-3 years before that occurs. For similar reasons made in 1988, the S&P will reach an all-time new high without breaking the 2002 low



You are so full of Bullshit. If you were the "guru" you say you are, you would not be charging $1000 dollars to teach your OEW trash. I have a friend that already took your "secret and propietary" trash and he told me that you are just a clown.!!

Nothing new from what is already out there. You only sell what is already on the street.

My guess is that you make your money from teaching your trash, and that explains why you keep doing this on a secret and personal basis. You make money from teaching and not from trading. Show us some valid and public proof that you have made good momey from the markets using your OEW shit.

I have some questions for you:

Do you pay taxes for this private tutoring?... I guess you don't.

Have you written any book about your methodology? Or you are going to tell us that is a secret and propietary methodology? Bullshit!...

If you are so good why do you have such a bad blog? With all the money you should have made with your great OEW shit, I guess that you can afford to have a better blog. Why do you keep posting from such a cheap (free) and bad blog?

Now lets talk about the markets. I have learned that you should not confuse brains with a bull market. I agree with you that the trend has been up since 2003, but that does not means that it will keep that way. Where were you in the 2000 top, the 90s or in 1987?... I never heard the Caldaro name!!.....Bullishit Caldaro! It is easy to say that you are always correct.

You are not what you think you are, and you are not different or better than Prechter or some other "gurus" that sell the same shit....they are all losers to me! and they make their money from writing books or selling advice on the market, but never from trading.

The fact that you come to this blog and make fun of the bears proves one thing to me: You have no respect whatsoever to the people that thinks different from you..... You are so full of bullishit!

What I read is this:...You are so sure that the market is going up that we should be topping. And time will prove me correct.

I hate people like you that comes to this place just to post bullshit. If you are so good as you say, I would love to see a valid and public track of your record..And then I will reconsider my opinion about you.....but for now:

Bullshit are a clown!


rdneu56 (if that really is you)
I'm assuming your last post is a spoof, but if not:
Tony's OEW works. In my opinion it is pretty cool actually. He has the courage to read Elliott's original work and look beyond the hype.
His blog is simple because he is not a flashy guy. If you want style over substance, EWI will fill you in.
If you want Tony's public record, check his blog. And as for making fun of bears - I don't recall him doing that.
Confuseius (not Tony Caldaro)


great comment rdneu, i do not even care if that is really you.

my first post ever on this blog..

Dow Predator

Wow! Looks like "the king of bashers" has a new public enemy #1 here. I guess that the king of bashers is against everything and in favor of nothing. I have to admit that he has the courage the make his point.

I am waiting to see what Tony has to say about his new "friend" here. The chat in this blog is turning really interesting!!

What did your coin is saying for today mr. king of bashers?

Dow Predator



You are correct, suspecting the post bashing Tony was not created by me. Quite the contrary, several days ago I have expressed my admiration for the correct market call he made a few months earlier and for his courage to stick with it, even though the majority of E-wavers had a different view.
The post that was not created by me. It is full of expletives and personal insults. That is simply not my style.


Yelnick, can you set up this blog so we have to log in to make comments?

Rodney Kling

Can't we all just get along?

We're all just trying to make a buck by pretending we know what's going to happen or at least impress others by pretending.

Let's just admit we don't know squat, shake hands, and get back to our day jobs as waiters, janitors, and welfare recipients.


Rodney, I'll trade you my copies of "Beautiful Pictures", "Conquer the Crash" and "At the Crest of the Tidal Wave" for a handshake, homie. Can't shift em even on eBay.


EN, the way the market is reacting to every new trading day, those turn date lows might not be lower than yesterday's low. Might as well just forget about shorting until the year 2050.

Dow Predator

Rdneu56, (King of bashers):

You wrote this earlier this week:

¨….I do admit that I believe that he was full of BS, and I have said so in no uncertain terms - sometimes in nice ways - sometimes not so nice and as explicitly as possible.
Should I apologize?¨

This is the proof that you began the attacks to the people that were posting their views on the market. This is your style, and now I think you are afraid of admitting what you actually are: a basher.

You began the bashing on this blog and now you are surprised. Since you started to attack the people here the blog turned into an arena of personal attacks and bashing. The funny thing is we never saw YOUR forecast on the market, only your sarcastic bashing.

I do not know if you noticed this but I stopped posting MY view on the market because I am tired of your BS. Some other people followed you and now this blog is full of people like you. I have no need to share my views on the market, because no matter what I post, there will always be a basher like you.

I guess you are happy and proud of your actions. Keep using your coin to make decisions on the market!.

Dow Predator


Whoever is this false rdneu,i think u shud be respecting otherrs first,if u point 1 finger at others,your own 4 fingers are pointing at you.
IMHO Mr.Caldaro is doin a fine job by tracking and being right on a lot of markets.You can check his calls.
As for blog,u dont need to be a Neely type or Prechter to get a website.Anyone can host a website.


Like I said, the bond bull market will continue! I am making a killing! We may get another correction if Bennie tries to talk tough this afternoon. But it looks more and more probable the fed will be slashing rates as soon as December. If he talks tough buy bonds on the dip cause he will cut rates anyway!


EN, with regard to your post on Neely let me tell you that I was a subscriber to his service all of 2002 and 2003. Neely changed his mind on the trend in late fall of 2003 (not in the summer). To his credit Neely actually went long for a quick trade at the very bottom of the S&P in October of 2002. However after the market rallied Neely remained convinced that the S&P would break the October lows and stayed bearish till very late in 2003 when he came on the internet (with Ike Iosif and Puplava) to announce his changing view of the market.

This is the truth about Neely and not what he says in his recent message to members. I have long since discontinued my subscription to his service because after paying him for two years I realized that he is just as clueless about market direction as Prechter. Both Precter and Neely do occasinaly make a correct market call but with as many calls as they make it would be hard not to get one or two right. As everybody here knows, their game is to talk up the few calls they happen to get right and try to make you forget all of their bad calls.

After a while it dawns on you that just like you, these guys don't know the future direction of prices and are simply con-men out to remove a small portion of money from your wallet.

Best regards from someone who's gone through the Elliott Wave phase in his life. May your experience be a different one than mine.


The count so far for Mighty Prechter at bat - 2 strikes, 3 foul balls for a total of 5 impulse waves against him - 0 balls.


The count for Mighty Tony C. - Home run with the bases loaded. He hit a big one out of the ballpark.


Dear Dow Predator,

For the record:
If I detect a deficiency in a position or argument, I will point it out. I do not care who likes it or not - plain and simple. I never claimed that I have an infallible method of beating the market - you did. When I pointed out its flaws you started the name-calling – I did not.



What's your frame of reference when you say you are 'past the e-wave phase'? Are you saying technical analysis in general doesn't work? Are you now a 'buy and hold' investor? Do you have all your money in money market funds?

I don't understand the point of coming to an e-wave site and posting something about how e-wave is useless (with, of course, no frame of reference to back that statement up).

As for changing the counts, yes, everyone has to change their counts at some point, but that's a given. Even scientists in the hard sciences change their views on phenomena as new information emerges. Those of us who understand that we aren't dealing in divine revelation when we use technical analysis understand this and deal with it via prudent money management.

Complex Simon

rdneu56 and Dow Predator:

The two of you are both full of beans. Hypocrites, liars, and poor traders, both of ya.

I've alternated taking your advice. When I lost my shirt trading off rdneu's garbage I gave Dow Predator a try. I lost my pants.

Please, just find another forum. You're both just terrible contributors and I wish I'd never been fool enough to read you.

I'm disgusted with the both of yous.

Now did you or did you not f--- Vicki?



Hey, easy kids. This site as far as I can tell is for summing up the e-wavers into one place. Prechter and Neely and Zoran differed by huge amounts at different times. The latest divergence is giving RP ulcers, and I for one am a little happy about it. It's just hard to imagine someone can be so wrong so often.

I guess that's the risk you run for publishing as much as he does. His database of previous announcements must be huge, "if you had done what we told you back on xx/xx/xx, you would be rich today and laughing at everyone else out there." That's the sum of RP's analysis, call things often enough and keep the database at your fingertips so you can sell more crap with each new announcement. I'm keeping all of my old copies of EWT and EWFF to show the kids what not to listen to after that old fart dies off from his own inaccuracies.


Lots of bad news and the markets can't get enough of it. The worse the news gets the higher it wants to go. Never try to make sense of the herd! 1380+ - looks like a good spot for a nasty correction.






Hi Yelnick and Everyone,IMHO i think there will be some huge pressure near 11920.

Warm regards

Lao Tzu

DOWATRECORDHIGHS...Bears will fight and deny this bull the whole way to Dow 50,000-75,000+

Disbelievers are the very nature of bull markets. Optimistic traders should welcome all disbelievers because its the wall of worry they provide that fuels the very bull market they deny.


MHD, LOW BOND YIELDS are driving this bull!!! Low bond yields are nessesary to keep an over leveraged economy humming. Unfortunately, leverage is a 2 edged sword. This party will end. For the time being, most bond bears believe the latest run up in bonds is corrective, and the bear market in bonds will resume. They are wrong! I am watching and waiting for the bond bears to throw in the towel first and become bullish. Then it is the time to look for a top in equities!!



Oh puleeze. One index of 30 stocks makes a new high, and of those 30, only 6 have beaten returns of cash over the last 6 years, hardly a crushing victory for bulls.

I take it that the narrowness of this rally doesn't give you pause at all.

Me? I am long, but very dubious of this market, waaay too much bullish sentiment - you, for instance, sound just like the bulls at the 2000 top.

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