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Thursday, January 31, 2008


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Yelnick wrote: "Elliott Wave often allows so many potential outcomes that there are often fierce arguments about the probable path of a new wave. As the wave develops, the probabilities narrow down to only one or two outcomes."

I have read many competing predictions here. Clearly "Elliott Wave" is a useless phrase. 1. It doesn't have any consistency. 2. It doesn't have any utility.

I doubt anyone who posts here has gotten rich of his predictions. If his methods were useful he would have made lots of money and have lots of followers and probably sewn the seeds of his own destruction.

The posters on this site seem capable of reason but consumed by religion. It is fun but it is masterbation.



Don't be a wanker - it's "mastUrbation" ;-)

I think "Intellectual Onanism" nicely sums up the whole Elliott endeavor; it's a pleasurable and harmless pursuit.

At least you can't see your furry palms after you go blind!

Lui Yuan

Mr. Carl Futia lays out a nice case for SP heading above 1600.


Thanks for publishing your point of view.
The head is identified by the highest high. The neckline of a H&S should be constructed by connected the head’s low points and not as illustrated.
Connecting the low points 1370,60 and 1406,10 the neckline passes by your point marked by (II) and not as illustrated in your chart.


Mario, interesting observation. I will let Tony comment on the H&S methodology. But your revised line would suggest the down point is higher than SP1175 - more like SP1200. Tony?


Lui Yuan,

I think Carl Futia is spot-on. And if you want to put things in Elliott wave terms, we completed at the January low an a-b-c decline that is the b-wave pullback within Y of a double zigag that began in 2002. (The huge triangle from early 2004 to October, 2005 is the X-wave.) New highs in a few months will complete c of Y. This is diagrammed in a Theorist from about April, except Y is larger and extending beyond what is shown.


My count show sp500 finishing an ABC (x) WAVE at recent lows and now s&P should lift up in (Z)wave of tripple combination of (W)(X)(Y)(X)(Z) to finish the
the big B wave.DO you Agree?


dlu, this has become my preferred alt count to the nested 1-2's of Prechter. I have thought the action since 2003 as corrective - your Big B wave - not impulsive. The drop off July or October is so sharp it is difficult to count it as a small degree wave 4. In some indicies I beleive it has crossed intot he wave 1 top on the way up. But an X wave works, and could support Z wave for The Surge. What is unclear right now is whether the X is over or will meander in into, say, March.

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