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Monday, June 23, 2008


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cmon, Yelnick!
"The Yves Zone - he is now joining me in calling for The Surge. "

you can't call rally in one sector "The Surge"!

You starting to sound like Bush with his "Mission accomplished" 3 years ago, or the Fed with rigged CPI numbers

You'll get your Surge, just a bit later. I promise! :)


How much money could you possibly be making from the EWI ads and the plugs for EWI to pay for the crappy shameful feeling you must have selling snake oil? If this board is about the markets, keep it about the markets and not about paying for Prechter's next prostatectomy. He and his team are selling cr*p wrapped in a thousand charts. They are data fitting sophists who will take your money in exchange for worthless advice you might well use to bankrupt yourself.

Please stop with the Prechter shilling! Take down the ads!!! Charge people to visit this site if you must but stop supporting those nasty con-men!

Voice of Reason


You are acting like an indicator. When loopy comments like your's appear, we usually head lower.

Prechter is operating in a country with strong free speech laws. What's more he is asking for money for his thoughts. If you don't think his thoughts are worth money then simply resist buying them or reading them.

Frankly you sound like someone who is blaming someone else for bad decisions that you may have made in the past.

Was sour grapes your intention?


Sour grapes was not my intention. I don't think it can be an intention; I think it's more of a motivation or a state of mind.

My intention is two-fold... 1) To warn people from making the mistake that I made and listening to EWI and, more generally, from believing that anyone who really had a reliable way to make money off the markets. 2) To get those EWI links removed from this site as they muck it up, much the way a doctor wouldn't greet his patients wearing a Pfizer t-shirt or, more appropriately, offer patients Clark Stanley Snake Oil capsules on their way out. They wouldn't have to accept them, mind you (It's a free country, as you point out.) but it's just unseemly, unbecoming, and repulsive.

I take full responsibility for my foolishness. More than just that-- I feel a moral obligation to try to prevent foolishness in others.

Yelnick, I think this website would seem more objective and classy if you removed the links to EWI.


2 questions
1. when do you think this oil bubble will burst?
also, merril lynch is being talked about
on cnbc like it is as dead as lehman brothers.
2. what do you think of merril lynch?

Rogue Poster

Little risky to be catching the javelin IMO. Monthly and weekly stochastics still pointing down and the daily is pinned which is very bearish. Weekly and monthly MACD also looks very bearish. We're due for some kind of a "summer rally" but given that 2nd quarter earnings are going to stink, I don't think it will amount to much. I'd give any so-called rally a 3 week shelflife followed by further selling. IMO.



I am with you. Check out all the posts under "Free Week on the Cheap", a lot of other people feel the same way as you. "Voice of reason" either works for EWI, or is Prechter's Mama and is standing up for him.

There is a difference between rumor mongering, rampant, indiscriminant bashing and calling a spade a spade to warn people about stinky market forecasting.

It is almost statistically impossible to be wrong as often as EWI manages to be year in year out.

Check out the posts mentioned above as they are quite detailed and based on empirical evidence.

I am o.k. in letting Prechter place his ads here and keeping the site free. There are very few places where one can actually dig up EWIs true track record. Their website colors everything they do in fantasy pink and about the only thing you can do to protect yourself from their constant self-congratulatory hype is to request several months worth of their publications (at $20.00 each) and read for yourself.

If EWIs calls were as good as they say, they would make their back issues available free of charge to confirm the market forecasting skills that they imply throughout their site. They aren't stupid, finding out the truth about them will cost you much more than their lousy subscription and most people would not do that. So at least we have this site from where a little truth can trickle, and hopefully others won't be fleeced as easily as before.

Late in 2004 many subscribers were writing in their upset comments on their bulletin board yours truly included (they use to post a very small sampling back then —not anymore though). What was their conclusion? Pretty much the same airy-fairy glib comment that "Voice of Reason" made to you:

"You are acting like an indicator. When loopy comments like your appear, we usually head lower"

Something very similar to this was posted on their bulletin board in late 2004. This is when I stopped subscribing to their service also. As we now know the market took off in late 2004 and I was able to recoup all my losses by 2007. Point is, those guys get it wrong 9 times out of 10 and this should be made known. If people still want to subscribe with everything above board I have no problem.

Everyone has the right to make their life what they want, but nobody should have free license to continually deceive with impunity under the guise of free speech. Truth is, if they made their back issues available free during their 30 day NO RISK PERIOD (another load of B.S.) I would not bother to write this.

Check out those posts and write some from your own personal experiences. It's time to turn the lights on.


With all due respect.... it is not hard to predict a surge in green technology. The bottom line is the overall world market and the US economy are in the dog house.

Hopefully this surge in green technology can be the catalyst to bring US out of this recession with some new technologies that break us from being held hostage to these oil tyrants.

Until then this bear market has further to go down.

Nasdaq appears to be headed below 2000, possibly 1900.
Dow appears to be headed below 10,000, possibly 9500.

If that is the definition of the big one down then I agree we are in the big one down. I think it is just a major correction to adjust for this bad economy.


On EWI & Neely:

There is lot of Pretcher& Neely bashing on this site. On the former, I think there is some case. I recollect the EWI's cool shifting to "Dow priced in Gold" theory to rationalise their view while conveniently ignoring their call on Gold. Neely on the other hand puts out clear trading calls with well defined stops. Better to be with his River than to be at the EWI's sea!!


It is not an EWI sea, more like a sewer. No qualms about Neely from me.


George, oil will crash back down once this squeeze is over.I am looking at UPS and FDX as potential buys soon.The financials are still too leveraged.That is the danger on the downside.Go green to get greens!

The Bull

Dow is 13 and 21 weeks from the two lows in Jan and March and the Solstice is over.

Could see a countertrend begin now with some upside gains ahead.

Voice of Reason


I could tell you were hurting. You are not alone.

Like you I have lost money overall on EWI advice but there are two differences between us.

I understand that I acted on advice that I purchased from another. Any losses are my responsibility. Prechter is still correct. The time factor does make his forecasts harder to make and I understand that.

Let's face it. He only has to be correct once and the entire world will notice. I still think we are where he says we are.

By the way, I am a private individual, a client of EWI and have no relationship beyond the $39 I send them each month.

The other difference? I am not a whining kid on the playground sniveling that the big bad boy stole my ball and ran away with it.


Although I'm not a subscriber I did fair amount of EWI bashing based on couple of segments they did on YorbaTV.

What I love about Pretcher - his business model. He is a very good businessman and despite all his critics he's still in business.

I think wave count problems inherited from fractal nature of EWT. Freaking fractal looks the same at any zoom level! :)

P.S From Socionomics point of view is Pretcher's bashing intensifies during Bear markets? ;-))

patrick neid

Whatever folks want to call it, Yves, the Surge etc, it still remains what it is--buying major support. No different than selling major resistance. As to the stories connected with it, the why's and whereof's, I'm an agnostic.

Perhaps all my years as a commodity broker/trader at the fabled EF Hutton during the 80's skews my view. What I do know is buying support, selling resistance are what patience is all about. Looking for 5-10% risk on stops is a good formula. That said major support comes with a caveat. If it breaks and how it breaks can be very ugly. Today's environment certainly qualifies. Whatever your poison make sure it is very liquid.

The key question, as always, if stopped, do you reverse? I don't miss having to answer that.


Voice of Reason:

Your posts make you sound like the angry, sniveling one. Does my exhortation to keep away from EWI and other conmen threaten you in some way? Is it my writing style? If so, skip any posts by Roger to keep the blood pressure down.

Lots of people predict stock market crashes, nuclear war, etc. It's easy to make predictions and easy to pretend to back them up with simplistic charts that represent small parts of the picture or are misused altogether.

Some people make money doing much nastier things than Prechter and crew. Prechter and crew are pretty gross but they're far from the grossest. Anyway, if I can make somebody think twice about sending money to someone who isn't going to add value to their life and might very well give them rotten advice, I'm eager to do it.

Plain Ewaver

Update to my SPX count.

From the (B) top at 1440 on May 19, on the way to possibly 1166.

Impulse 1 of (C) seems to have bottomed yesterday (Tue June 24) at 1304.
1 was 1440 - 1304 = 136.

A zigzag 2 of (C) could have topped today at 1336.
1336 - 1304 = 32
32 / 136 = 0.235
That's almost exactly 0.236 = 0.382 x 0.618, meaning a very weak retracement, foreboding a strong 3 of (C) which started today.

Obviously 2 of (C) could also not have topped today.


Yeah Prechter is a cool guy and a good businessman.

Mafia king Pins, Drug Lords, Tobacco Industry Leaders and mad men in Governments who specialize in continuing conflicts between Nations are also good businessmen and I'm sure there are those that think they are good people as well. Perhaps we should be more tolerant of the effects that their activities have upon the world also?

Their is a big difference between being a whining kid on the playground sniveling that the big bad boy stole your ball, and ratting out someone who sees no problem with misleading newcomers through clever writing and above average marketing skills (same as the above mentioned crooks).

The only reason that people would take notice of Prechter being right even if it is only once every ten y to fifteen years is because he is incessantly finding ways of tooting his own horn 24/7, while making sure his legal butt is covered.

And he does so unopposed by people too timid or too self-centered to do or say anything in protest. If a newcomer wanted to get an accurate picture of Prechter's true record he would be challenged to find much unless he knew subscribers and ex-subscribers willing to give an honest opinion.

Voice of reason's solution is to suck it up and take responsibility for your actions. I say no to the former and yes to the latter.

In the 50s and 60s the tobacco industry and drug lords did their thing unopposed. Today we are all the better for being a bit more educated on those subjects. Even though there are still users, at least you no longer have to buy the hype that once got shoved down your throat and can make more informed decisions.

Socionomically, I know there were quite a few people pissed off and writing about it and actually getting posted on his web-site's message board at the end of 2004. A good three years of rally ensued, so where that puts us now is not a foregone conclusion or a rock-solid indicator as EWI would have you believe. I am also sure (although can’t personally attest to this) that people were probably outraged as Prechter remained bearish throughout a mostly bullish 20 year period.

A lot of people have been adversely affected financially by this guy. And many take Voice of Reason's attitude of taking responsibility for one’s decisions (a good thing) but choose not to rat out the guys putting out the bad information that caused the mess. Too bad because if Prechter knows he can continue doing business this way, why change?

What good does that bring to anyone?

Perhaps if more people had taken the time to shine the light on Prechter’s actual performance as a market forecaster none of the people bashing or defending the guy today would have anything to write?

Larry C

This must be the last site left on the internet that promotes Prechter the charlatan. The guy above that points out the inconsistency that Prechter now counts his DJIA wave count in gold but is bearish gold is an important observation that Yelnick should take note of.

Voice of Reason


I disagree that EWI and Prechter put out bad information. I do agree that there is a missing time element. They seem to be trying their best at looking at all kinds of time and cycle related indicators.

Personally I feel that EWI and Prechter offer a reasonable service and anyone reading their stuff will ultimately end up in the right place.

A side story: I was actually born in Scotland, a place filled to the brim with dour older men, who would always go out of their way to tell how how awful it was going to be soon.

Maybe that is one reason why Prechter's work seems so "normal" to me. He is not sugar-coating anything and I respect that.

When I landed in California in 1981, I noticed one huge cultural difference immediately: Americans love to pound down on the big guy or anyone seeking to control them. The first concrete example was when IBM introduced the PC. There were howls and shrieks of pain that this huge and corporate entity was now taking the money out of their babies' mouths.

Later this disgust was leveled at Microsoft for invading the space and, even more disgusting, charging money for software. Bill Gates went from Clint Eastwood status to "the Joker" status in less than a year.

Yanks just cannot stand anyone who is "too" successful. At first that person is welcomed as a new cool guy only to be spat on as their success mounts.

EWI/Prechter may not be a success as far as some of you are concerned. I think that is unfair. Prechter has made a hug intuitive leap and then gone on to make a living at it.

Are you whiners (min and Roger) just plain resentful?

EWI's STU is definitely "worth" the price. Why? Because it is the best contrary indicator I have found. I think min's suggestion that their stock market calls are wrong 9 times out of 10 is too conservative.

I have read every STU since 2001 (and kept copies of them). Most of the time it provides very little guidance, i.e. if the stock market does this x will happen, if it does this y will happen...duh! However, whenever it takes a firm stance, it is almost always a signal for a move in the opposite direction. It just amazes me after all of these years that SH is still authoring it. I'd be interested to see their subscription retention records.

Anyway, I guess there are enough like minded bears that just want someone to reinforce their own views. Prechter's forecasting fortunes went parabolic in the 80's...since then it's crashed and continued to decline.

To conclude on a positive note, if you just want Elliott wave educational material, EWI is a great place to get it.


Voice of Reason, you're either pulling our leg by singing EWI's praises or pulling our leg about being a Scot. I married a Scot and they have a great sense of humor. And brains!! Burns, Bell, Carnegie, Maxwell... No Scot worth the name would ever throw money away on a "stock market advice service". If someone figures out how to consistently predict market trends it will be probably be a Scot! And he will damn well keep the secret to himself lest it escape and sew the seeds of its own demise.


Voice of Reason,

"... EWI and Prechter offer a reasonable service and ... will ultimately end up in the right place."

Please define "ultimately" in terms of time. Well excuse me, is 2 DECADES or 20 YEARS a LONG ENOUGH time to judge Precther?

I wonder how many golden years could YOU have after missing opportunitiesss and losing money Continuously over the 2 DECADES, while there were soooo many millionaires have been made just hold long stocks and now retired in the yacht.

Now, have some perspective, and have some real good reasons.

Wave Rust

respectfully, your C is a 4 of 3. your ? is a 5 of 3 with 1's and 2's. weeks to go before calling a bottom.

Plain Ewaver,

You said,

"Update to my SPX count.

From the (B) top at 1440 on May 19, on the way to possibly 1166.

Impulse 1 of (C) seems to have bottomed yesterday (Tue June 24) at 1304.
1 was 1440 - 1304 = 136.

A zigzag 2 of (C) could have topped today at 1336.
1336 - 1304 = 32
32 / 136 = 0.235
That's almost exactly 0.236 = 0.382 x 0.618, meaning a very weak retracement, foreboding a strong 3 of (C) which started today.

Obviously 2 of (C) could also not have topped today."

My e-wave kmart special has spx1440 as a 4 of (3). have been short the whole way. bounced once by trailing stop then right back in.

Currently in '3 of 5 of (3) of A (big A began 10/11/08), which has been nearly all 1's and 2's. The low of '3 of 5 is July 3 and low of '5 of 5 is end of summer. just a sweet gradual price reduction like kmart does it.

that is my informal blue light special labeling. ha!

Then we do a B up into spring of aught 9er. Then down for so long that nobody will remember what a bull market was like, nor how to recognize one (just like they aren't recognizing this bear for what it really is; they have forgotten).

This is the best bear I have ever seen, once in a life time, and it's only just started. Years to go. The dow and spx get killed first in A, then C kills the naz's and small fry stox.

They will call it a recession but it walks talks and feels like a depression.

At the end, they will blame it all on Obama.

If posters here cared more about trading and less about warning EWI's 125,000 subscribers, this place would be worth hanging around.

Wave Rust

Wave Rust

in comment above, I should have said your C is a 2 and the May 2 high was the 4 (an ED). spx has better built 4th as ED.

i do agree that next few weeks should be bottom feeders holiday for stocks.

best o' luck
Wave Rust


"Voice of "Reason"

My good man, your logic reeks of imbecilic incongruencies. Maybe you should consider changing your name to "Voice of Daft Reason".

The investment and especially the trading game IS ALL ABOUT TIMING!!! PERIOD!! It's not just a little issue about a missing time element that is awry. His whole body of work is awry because of the missing time element (Somebody please slap this guy and get him out of his haggis induced stupor for God's Sake).

One of Prechter’s biggest flaws is his incompetence in communicating his time frames in his publications. Nobody cares about what will eventually happen 50 years from now when reading SHORT TERM UPDATES (yes this routinely happened when reading Hochner's crap), it just does not belong there.

The point is, as an accomplished writer he would know to do this if he really had some true insight. And knew how to be a true leader of men.

If you enjoy Prechter as a nostalgic throwback to your childhood —good for you, but those that actually try to learn something useful to better their lot resent his b.s. as it simply does not produce tangible results and this statement is also un-sugarcoated but fully documented as well.

Reading his artfully woven stories as a spectator is vastly different than going out there and trying to use his theories. By your glib appreciation for his work I am pretty sure you are a spectator. If you had tried applying his theories over the last 10 years you would be singing a different tune —I guarantee it!

“Yanks just cannot stand anyone who is "too" successful.” This statement is just too childish to even get into except to ask, Do you really believe 300 million people behave the same way? or for that matter, Do all Scots like to fight and get drunk? I am sure some do and some don’t.

I, for one, make it a point of surrounding myself with successful people that are on the up and up. In spite of what many think, it’s these type of people that truly make the world go ‘round and they have a high appreciation and respect for not only their own well-being but that of others as well, which is the precise reason that Prechter rubs me the wrong way.

The equities markets are not my main interest, yet I was able to fully re-coup heavy losses in three years by not listening to the EWI crap. Why can’t Prechter do better for his own subscribers if he truly has a valid body of work?

Resentful of Prechter? Not one crummy bit, most of my colleagues and myself are at least as successful as he is and we don’t have to make our money at the expense of other’s financial ruin.

Voice, You really have to get your wits around this: Prechter gets bad-mouthed (and no where near enough I will add) because he produces bad results that have had life ruining consequences for many people. I care enough about others to write a few words of warning based mostly on first hand experiences.

And by the way I don’t whine I ROARRRR —and loudly when there’s just cause.

‘Nuff said.


Wave Rust:

Sorry to see you go.

We aren't looking to warn their 125,000 subscribers as there are no where near that many left. His 125,000 count is an overall count since the begining. Most of those guys are already wiser albeit much poorer.

We are trying to every once in a great while warn people about his actual track record when he tries to dishonestly represent his market forecasting abilities.

There is no scarcity of market moves to game.


Guys, you are bunch of hypocrites!

You want to be a winner yet you want to warn people from been losers?
Are you playing "The Stock Market Game?" Let me remind you WHAT IT IS -

So you want to make money on losers and at the same time you want to warn losers not to take advice which will result in their loss? YOU WANT TO BE MORAL AND IMMORAL AT THE SAME TIME? IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY unless you stop playing!


SAY" THANK YOU Mr. Pretcher" for creating so many losers so we can MAKE MONEY!


2nd point - if too many people follow the same advice - that advice becomes invalid. If I tell every one of you "it will be a stock market crash on October 13th, 2008" and I broadcast that advice for the whole country and I show everyone convincing evidence and you believe me. What will happen? The market will crash TOMORROW, not on October 13th, 2008!
What's why it's called a "BLACK SWAN" event - you can't predict that event



More imbecilic incongruencies? From you? I guess I misjudged you! (somebody please slap this guy twice).

Yeah dude, thanks for the stock market lesson, I forgot that there are losers —duh!!!!

It is also possible to find under-valued companies whose stock values increase as a result of enhanced perceived value stemming from good management and increasing product demand. In this scenario there would be few if any losers. This is only one of many things that could be done. And one of the things I love to do.

Sorry, I guess I am not necessarily a hypocrite after all and so that MAKES YOU THE LOSER!.

You know, I think you missed the whole point of my argument altogether, so next time I promise to use easier words.

Also since you never were an EWI subscriber per your post of Wednesday June 25, 2008 10:58 am, perhaps you should immerse yourself in that sewer for a few years so you can really get what I am talking about. Otherwise there really is no purpose.

I am no one’s “Freakin Moral Authority”, although if you feel like you need one I could recommend one to you.


Dow down 227. Holy mother of god. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING.

I take back everything I said about Prechter. We are headed down to 400 fast and even if he's 20 years late he's a brillant, inventive, fierce god of a man who deserves not only the $1618 or whatever brillant number he charges but our respect and thanks and admiration. Voice of reason, you are indeed the voice of reason!


Come on folks - can't we all just get along? LOL.

Did anyone happen to download the 06-26-08 pdf for the STU? I went to look at it yesterday but it was not available - perhaps it was after midnight EST, I didn't think to check.

I assume they did make it available - afterall the free week ran until 06-26.

Anyway, if it is available somewhere I would like a copy, or if anyone can repeat what they said re silver and gold I would be curious.



Wavechart: I laughed when reading your post about EWI and their perpetually wrong STU. I subscribed to that service for most of 2007 and finally canceled it earlier this year, had better ways to waste $40/mo.

Not sure if the bearish bias in that place starts from Prechter and filters over to every other analyst or if the marketing plan is similar to that of the evening news - bad news sells much,much better than good news.


To Wave Rust: You are right!

To ALL Posters:
Self control and discipline from all posters is expected.
Comments about EWI were expected to be posted under the previous title "Free Week on the Cheap" leaving this space entitled "Enter the Yves Zone!" for comments about Yves' work. We need to know about his ideas. The thread was lost. We lost a good opportunity.

To Yves: I hope you would post a new one.


min: "perhaps you should immerse yourself in that sewer for a few years so you can really get what I am talking about"


LOOK people, this guy is so smart he followed STUPID advice (he now realizes it)


You're pathetic!

min: "In this scenario there would be few if any losers."
Oh yes, trees grow to the sky! I heard that before somewhere. :)

Your infantility amazes me :)
Look dude, get a life, you're shitting yourself

Voice of Reason

Very amusing.

Roger and min seem to be the same person.

Why would you think I am joking?

Do you feel your leg is being pulled?


Mario , for you in case you missed it

target Dow 11,000 and some ideas


Tom CZ

if it is break out of the rising wedge then the minimum measured target should lie in the 11 200 area on the Dow against risk of say 12 950 and major one at 13 140 so recent top...

Posted by: Tom CZ | Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 01:29 PM

The focus is down against 12 355 as minor and 12 737 as major one. I am not trying to pick short term bottom till VIX getting above 35.


To Yves:
Is it time now to add positions on Solar and Wind Energy or better to wait for the DJIA 11000 bottom first?
Is it done with Ethanol stocks bubble after the severe drop? Is it time to re-enter?

Voice of Reason

Whoever posted that last "Voice of Reason" post was not me.

Min/Roger... since dimes to dozens you are the samer person... who's looking stupid now? Not Prechter.

Prechter ROCKS. As I read my EWFF and watch this classic sucker's market head down to 7200 on the Dow FAST, I'm laughing my ass off.

You are losers!

(real) Voice of Reason

I must have struck a chord somewhere.

An imitator has sprung up.

Yelnick, how do we avoid this kind of spoofing? Thanks.


Mario, the two biggest trend I see coming is water and air being commoditized.
A water play Veolia (VE) and a carbon trade Intercontinental Exc (ICE)is a good start in the next few days to weeks as we get close to 11,000.Wait on clean energy as they might get harder hit if as I suspect oil pulls back.

Do read my interview in the next coming edition in Institutional Investor magazine on
the carbon trade. Probably an eye opener for most.

Mike Laird

The Surge is upon us. Some folks got the sign wrong - those pesky minus signs. Bummer. Others got the sign right.

Mamma Boom Boom

The wise man will buy with both hands, tomorrow morning. IMO.;read=16260

Ham Actor

Well! as always the market has spoken. Here's to all those calling for a bottom over the past couple of weeks. And to the Prechter, Neely bashers. As said before - no man is a contrary indicator. You are now hundreds of points out of the money.

Yelnick, ignore the nonsense and leave the ads for EWI and all the other sites. They are equally valid. This site should be about collective possibilities and probabilities and furthering the study of Elliott.



There is no doubt now that you are indeed a true bonafide dolt. Do you have Comprehension Defecit Disorder, or are you just drunk right now? I did not stay with Prechter you pathetic cesspool dweller. Get your facts straight, and take your head out from where the shine don’t shine.

I am sure you have made taken just as much stupid advise as I have. The big difference is I learned from it where you haven’t, since you are still in the closet with it.

By the way I am amused by the way you attempt to express your emotion with short ALL CAPS sentences, this is the mark of a desperate man grabbing at air and speaking out of his a-hole. Or maybe it’s just YOUR infantility showing?

Now run along and sleep it off.

Voice Of Daft Reason:

Roger and I are not the same person. Obviously, your fear of the coming Apocalyptic market debacle has got you all screwed up.

Today, none of the trades I have went down and 2 were even nicely up, so I am feeling fine, thank you for asking. On the other hand you are still probably just a spectator cheering Prechter on from the sidelines (LOSER!)! So not only should you get a life, but you need to go start making a living as well. Maybe you should go work at EWI they would love to have you.

Your childhood hero, Prechter, like I said many times before, gets it right about 1 in 10 times, or wrong 9 out of 10 times whichever is easier for you to comprehend in your compromised state. The fact he got lucky in this latest market index episode does not show skill nor does it mean he will benefit you should you decide to stop being a spectator and can muster enough courage to actually do something.

Now run along and try to stay off the Valium.

(real) Voice of Reason


These is the (real) VoR here. Some other person has also posted in my name.

I usually use a couple of positions in RYURX to hedge and have "done" quite nicely today. It is worth pointing out that nobody "does" anything unless a sale is made. The IRS are quite insistent on that.

So, not on the sidelines and benefiting from EWI's advice.

You and your alter ego having abandoned Prechter's advice will doubtless be down around 3% today.

In reality that makes it likely is that you are long and hating it, which explains the spleen that you have been treating us all to.

Quit messing around and admit that you are losing your shirt.

(real) Voice of Reason

And, by the way, min, I'm glad you lost money today. Life is a zero sum game and I can buy that more more now that you can buy less. Subscribe to EWI and put their insights to work or risk being the "EL" (Eternal Loser, that is). :)


Voice (or whoever you really are):

Not all individual stocks are down —not by a long shot, and if I were down I would have no problem admitting it, rest assured.

The market is much bigger than the little corner you and your hero look at. If I were playing the major equity indexes on the long side I would be down, but I purposely stay away from stuff Prechter directly covers because it works to do so.

If you are playing the Rydex Ursa and have been following your hero for as long as you have been subscribing, today's little stroke of good luck still leaves you way way way down.

Unlike you, I truly have no alter-ego. Roger is his own person and I don't even know him or where he lives.

I'm sure you are a good person, but reading Prechter for so long has no doubt left you delusional, paranoid and Armageddon–phobic.

I see the current downtrend. I cashed out of most longs at the end of 2007 and after I see the quality of this next bounce I may go bearish, a little later than Prechter, and this has steered me right everytime since 2003.

Prechter is, by far, not the best person to follow even in a bear market. You would know this if you tried to follow his (actually Hochner’s) calls in 2001.

I think you are simply enamored with his hell, fire and brimstone crap that, as you said, reminds you of your childhood. Well you are all grown up now, so get a job and stay off the meds. Your wife (if you have one) will also appreciate this tremendously.



Do you read your posts before sending them? You make no sense —a symptom of an old, tired, weak, beaten-down and severely Prechterized EWI subscriber.

Maybe it's too late for you to simply stay of the meds. You should probably check into a rehab-center.

Take care of yourself loser, you are hardly a worthy opponent.


Plain Ewaver, keep up the good work!

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