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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


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ce serait intéressant que tes chroniques soit bilingue, est-ce possible dans un avenir proche.merci


Francoise j ai beaucoup mieux . Voici mon emission hebdomadaire sur lesaffairesTV



I really don't understand a single word of Franch.

Yelnick, can you provide a summary about Yves bottom target and timing to go long? Thanks


Sean, Yves comment was about his TV show. He has not presented a time or target for the bottom. He will send me a post or notice when he has his buy signal.


Bearish sentiment is at 14-18 year highs. Bull market ahead.


Bullish sentiment is at 14-18 year highs. Bear market ahead.


Range bound markets?

Hank Wernicki

Shorting E-mini @ 1287 Stop for today


Everything points still into the direction of a corrective up bounce. No longs for me. When you sit for a shave at the barber,the barber can shave you properly, but if you continually fidget you will be cut. You cannot blame the barber or the razor...
One more down leg soon, then a big buy opportunity.


Maybe is it a idea to look how the financial system is doing after the major wave 3?

Much less credit available, deflation, and then we are gonna see a dow of 15K?


best trader

dont believe anyone.if anyone knows what happen.....they will not screaming to you to win money :-)

trend is your friend.......and the trend at the moment is down ;)

Francis Schutte

We have discussed this option on our web site. As authorities and banks inject liquidity into the system (the Swiss national bank, the ECB and the Fed have just agreed to keep the window open), it will end up in the stock market. Certainly if there are Forex controls on the Dollar and/or if the trade of gold is banned, the americans will like the Zimbabweans have no other option than to invest their savings into the stock market to minimalize the loss because of inflation. This implies that as the Dow Jones goes up, the Dollar will tank...


Hi Francis:

Read your post. I was wondering where one could get more info on:

"(the Swiss national bank, the ECB and the Fed have just agreed to keep the window open)"

Thank you in advance

Rogue Poster

I don't know. DOW 15,000? I just don't see it.

I've gained more respect for Steve Hochberg's wave analysis lately. Tonight's STU is very compelling. I prefer Steve's wave count over other anaylsts on, if nothing else, aesthetic grounds. If you look at chart 4 of the STU for 8/1, the wave count is very clean, very appealing. There's a saying in the Air Force, "If it looks right it flies right" and this just looks right.

Go ahead and call me nasty names if you want, but Wave 3 of (3) down looks sweet and elegant, versus the alternative, Wave 2 of (3) up, promoted by Bob McHugh, which just looks like a hideous mutation from the Black Lagoon. Maybe that's what the market is right now. A hideous mutation.

Shred it.

Rogue Poster

Also, note that S&P had two opportunities to break the highs of July 23 (1291) and it failed BOTH times (on Jul 30 and Jul 31). If it was going to break those prior highs it was given ample opportunity, yet it didn't, or couldn't. In fact, it didn't even come close--it missed by a full 6 points.

That's bearish chart action IMO.


Francis Schutte said: "...if the trade of gold is banned"

Where do get this from? Do you understand that Gold is NOT a hedge against Deflation. There is no reason to stop you clowns from buying it.


Allow me to make a grand prediction: DOW 50000. My target date is sometime in the future. It is not an exact date yet.

But seriously, I can see SPX 1325 (give or take) in the coming weeks followed by resumption of the bear trend that started in October. Perhaps, an October 2008 bottom as would be par for the course.


Just realised that by doing Yelnick a favor to write him a piece quickly , I omitted the time date of this forecast. As we said on Bloomberg Television recently the target for 15,000 was by late 2009 to early 2010.A lot of details were given on Bloomberg TV and also historic past episodes as guide to this.I will try to not make the same mistake again.In the mean time read this free guide to climate change reprinted with the courteous permission of Institutional Investor magazine.I am featured in chapter 2.I will also be featured next month in the newsletter of the Royal Bank of Scotland and a brief mention of why behavioral finance works.As my liquidity signal is now back on a sell signal ... get ready to rumble!


Rogue Poster

If McHugh is right about wave 2 up then yes I can see 1300+, maybe even as high as 1325. But we are clearly in an over wave 3 pattern right now. Which means a very steep dropoff on the other side.

It's all about risk management right? What does it hurt to pull your money out around 1290-1300 (or 1310 if you want to live dangerously). Say Yves is right and the market keeps going up. If it gets much above 1340-1350 then we know the ellioticians got it wrong and we never utter their name again. OK, so you end up missing out on a 40-50 point move in the S&P. That's not the end of the world. Compare that to the alternative. Say they're right and we get a devasting collapse. You could suffer serious damage to your account. Which is the lesser of two evils?

forex forum

its now where close to 15k now. Unsure if i will ever see it in my life time.

forex forum discussion

forex forum

We might see 15k in 20 years. We are at 7000 now and unsure if we see a botom.

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