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Sunday, September 14, 2008


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does glen neely expect equities to fall
off a cliff like ewi?


The Fed will accept Russian Roubles as a collateral!

For immediate release

The Federal Reserve Board on Sunday announced several initiatives to provide additional support to financial markets, including enhancements to its existing liquidity facilities.

The collateral for the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF) also has been expanded; eligible collateral for Schedule 2 auctions will now include Weimar Republic banknotes and Soviet Era Russian Roubles!


george, yes, although he pulled back from saying it would happen right away. his pattern has meandered a bit longer than he expected. Monday am he might switch back o the 'cliff' view.


I normally hate being on the same side of a trade as Hochner, but my NDX short has nearly tripled since opened near Friday's top tick —can't argue with that! This is either the 1 in 10 when he is right or there will be one massive reversal shortly after the opening. I'm closing out and will see what happens after the opening (pigs get slaughtered).


big moon above club fed!!
QQQQ 3/18 gap fill 41.48, 42.17 touches top of was closed monday, so we should get some weakness early tuesday before the GS earnings report and cpi, after those may be the best percentage long we'll get on short covering into the fomc decision...september historicals are even worse next week, after we get this quarterly expiration completed...we are a gann 180 degrees from last march expiration, which provided cleaner turns due to the spring equinox and full moon closing the week, rather than now with the full moon on monday and fall equinox 9/22...those march op-ex turns included all time highs in gold and continuous commodity index(old crb) and a low in us dollar and stocks

Hank Wernicki

Shorted on Friday and Holding ..... a Decaying Fractal turns Lower today !


Back in short at slightly better entry than my earlier exit. This will be a quick one for me.


Stopped out.


Complexity analysis of the Dow shows that the long-term targets set earlier this year by the amateur yours truly were met. It is reasonable to expect therefore, that the next target will also be met. The first ABC leg of a larger ABC formation that will probably take much longer to complete should finish between 10500-10000 (end wave A of the larger formation) and in pretty short order. At that point a sideways move will follow that will keep the Dow within a trading range of 10000-11000 with a lot of choppiness. The interesting part is what comes afterward, during what I believe will be the final wave C that will end the correction since 1999-2000.
There are two scenarios:
1. We are witnessing the formation of a humungous diagonal triangle that started in the late 1940's. The evidence for this statement comes from evolution time studies that I have commented on in previous posts. The evolution time chart shows a clear diagonal triangle formation. Mr Yves Lamoureux who was kind enough to visit my commentary agreed.
2. The alternative is that Mr. Neely might turn out to be correct.
The rise of the 1980's 1990's is not a final fifth wave but the first of an extended fifth of gigantic proportions.
The tell-tale sign will be what happens in the next two years. If the sideways move is followed by a relatively simple, anemic wave C we are probably headed for an ending diagonal triangle. If a sharp correction taking us back to a 0.618 or a little more correction of what I believe is 1 of (5), then we are headed for a new era of prosperity.

Hang tight in there brethren,



Short NDX @ 1755 it's probably in a small degree wave 4...


With 8 more big banks paying 10-15% to borrow money, this is only the beginning of big bank failures. When the market demands that high of a rate, more of what you see today is on its way. I was wondering when the Fed was going to cry "uncle"! By borrowing, I mean on the open markets.Washington Mutual is probably next as no one would provide them funds at any rate, a sure sign that they are going under.


closed short for nice gain. Now long NDX


I get a kick out of all you Republican dumbed down idiots....Capitalism in it's worst form is what we have now thanks to Nixon,Reagan,Bush41,Bush43 and now McCain geez get a grip.
The economy going down the tubes.....well you guys voted for it.

Tom CZ


rpt> measured target for the fall out of the rising wedge lies in the area of 10 000 - 10 500. The point I need to note is bearishness of the market - arnd 54% bears - we saw some 55 lvl in march. VIX getting to abv 30 area. Bond bulls quite greedy getting to around 80% area. And the proximity of october/year end bull time frame for equities. EURUSD seems getting supported as market totally crazy for the buck. All in all guys get ready to buy the equity dip for the strong year end rally and small bond and usd bear market for then and also commodities "b" wave spike. WE ARE CLOSE...



@ Wavetrader

Yeah, because NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with Clinton signing G.L.B. [/snark]


Maybe the foreign markets will drop so far they'll close down and our markets will never open. That would be interesting and wouldn't surprise me.


wavetrader, on Demo vs Repub economics - there is a study which shows better economics under Demos than Repubs, but it is skewed due to one Prez, Nixon. Switch him and the Repubs do better. Also, it makes more sense to right shift the analysis by two years - you stick the prior Prez with the first 2 years, since it takes that long for new policies to take effect. If you do this, Repubs do much better. LBJ stiffed Nixon with a tax increase and recession; Carter stuck Reagan with a recession and huge inflation; Clinton stuck Bush with a bursting bubble. In contrast, Ford gave Carter a rising economy, and when Clinton won in 1992 the economy had come out of recession.


Clinton stuck Bush with a budget surplus. Bush will stick the world with a war where he could not admit he messed up (so let peoples lives be wasted)and debt so vast that all other American Presidents in history put together cannot equal the amount. Including Franklin Roosevelt who the idiot fringe of the Corporate party spewed venom at for spending so much. FDR faced a hole and spent to get us out of it. Silver Spoon lost in life, lost in the Texas Air Guard, Silver Spoon Bush Baby faced a happy level economic vista and proceeded to dig a debt hole to bury future generations. Don't worry though if we enact his number one priority before he leaves office his, oh I meant our, problems will be solved; reduce the estate tax. Every American, who doesn't know how many houses he owns, is worried about that issue.

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