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Saturday, November 29, 2008


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We could just as easily discover in the next five years an improved technology for both energy storage, as well as, controlled fusion.

Fatalism and negativism get old fast.

"If you are an economist and you predict, predict often."


Yes, predict often, don't put timelines on your predictions, and remind people of the predictions you get right, discarding the klunkers.

And package your correct predictions next to trading advice, so naifs will actually pay you for something!


A book I read in the mid-90's called "The Great Reckoning" had a wealth of predictions that, with due allowance for timing, seem to be coming to pass now, primarily to do with the likelihood of a deflationary depression arising from too much debt accumulation.


With so much long term insight flowing so easily through his pen, you would think Prechter could also, just as easily, forecast equity markets on shorter, more useful timeframes. Sadly that is not the case. Why?

milt tomkins

This is a great post!!! glad I found it..….very educational…thank you…I will put it on my favorites list.. I also learned a lot about trading strategies from 2 other great books. Hedge Fund Trading Secrets Robert Dorfman..and Confessions of a Street Addict of course by Jim Cramer..written before he got really famous..both are riveting and very informative. You should check them out if you like reading behind the scenes stuff about hedge fund and what methods they use to make money.

Ed Darrell

DDT comes back just after we re-legalize spousal abuse, and for the same reasons. Sometimes a cure like that is very much worse than the disease.


Pathrick Neid

Well even though the price is extremely high according to Bob's cheerful outlook I think we can all agree that the price was worth it.

"The IMF, World Bank and the United Nations will be shut down."

On a serious note this posting probably certifies the earlier low in the market and sunnier skies lie ahead after a few months of testing!


I predict..water will turn to wine and we'll all become wino's

Andrew Hurst

What makes the above posts think that we are so enlightened -- yes, our leaders sure are smart -- that a depression cannot happen again?

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