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Friday, January 30, 2009


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I'm in cash. Will short at Dow 10,000 go long at Dow 5,000


Actually I wouldn't be too surprised if in a week's time we're pretty close to where we are now. Truth is we haven't really gone anywhere for months now...just churning randomly...perfect environment for turning most participants stony broke. And when it comes to Hank's forecasts he says himself the whole time that fractals are random and change. Although I'm quite sure this isn't the way he sees it as far as I can tell his fractals are just attraction points, and his trading style pretty traditional support/resistance based. Once you realise that and stop trying to speculate on long term price behavior based on his forecasts - if not frankly ignoring them entirely - it all comes good. Point is that whilst following his trading's a hell load of work the fact he's so good at making gains week in week out makes his service well worth the fees many times over...

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