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Thursday, January 22, 2009


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Yelnick, great post as usual. Thanks for taking the time to post more often during these interesting market times.

"Due to owning $4.4B of foreign liabilities..." Shouldn't that be $4.4T?


Fred. yes! Gotta get my head around T being the new B. Soon it will be Q.


I second that... excellent post. Your site keeps getting better (it's long been a hidden gem) and I know your readership is growing (several colleagues of mine have commented positively).


The declines in Non-OPEC oil are accelerating. Heck one of the main reasons for the UK's trouble is declining production from the North Sea- $10 oil would certainly mean 6 billion people are just sitting at home watching the paint dry. Funny thing is the hourly chart in crude is actually starting to look impulsive to me.

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