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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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sahil kapoor

hi, i agree with this view. gold is going to $490 quickly. we have just broken out of an ending diagonal. see this here -


Well it's ok to dream at least.

If Gold does go down that low I will be backing up the semi-truck and you can bet that all of India will be doing the same.

So what are the chances we will abtually get to buy some at that price if it is hard to get (in small denominations) even at the current prices?

Ah but it is nice to dream though.


I just re-read much of Prechter's Conquer The Crash. The future scenario he described then very accurately matches that which is unfolding now. Some time ago, I completely disagreed with his dismissal of Peak Oil and his call for oil and commodities to drop. Yet, he was right. And, he stood against the mainstream.

His timing may be off -- even way off. But, he's at least an interesting thinker and his big picture ideas are worthy of serious consideration.

Forkoholic Serge

Still I do not see an impulse on USD - no signs of Wave 3 up


Yes Prechter knows how to stick to one scenario and develop it in great detail. I always said he was a good writer and have even suggested he write some screen plays.

Sometimes his scenario even seems to come to life, my opinion is that someone truly endowed with a special gift should also be able to have a sense for timing as well.

Did Prechter really know the eventual outcome of things to come or did he use a basic understanding of economics to write a story that turned out to be (up to now) true? Any intelligent scenario can become true eventually given enough time.

All I have ever wanted to warn about was not to trade or live one's life based on his scenarios. Imagine reading Conquer The Crash when it first came out at the end of 2002 and thinking his written scenario was taking place then?

You would have sold your gold, your real estate, bought the dollar and maybe shorted the equity markets. All of these would have been the wrong move for the next 5 years plus.

It seems silly now but quite a few people did just that as Prechter's opinion was that the correction off the 2002 low would be measured in months.

The man is a clever and imaginative writer with a fairly good understanding of marketing and economics, he makes a good living using these skills and every ten years or so he gets it right.

How does that rank him with to others?

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