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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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Forkoholic Serge

Build a May High, Nov low, Jan High fork
if we're in wave 2 of 5 the upper fork line will be typical target zone.

As always - no guarantees

Forkoholic Serge

Note: My analysis assumes Wave 5 from May top. if you believe it is Wave 5 from Oct07 top you should start your fork at that point

Forkoholic Serge

SPX looks like series of 1-2s
the question is UP or DOWN?




Told ya'...even gave y'all 12-hours notice.


It should be remembered that calling for deflation (even if it was back when Conquer the Crash was written) was very prescient and almost unique. And, Prechter was severely ridiculed and generally dismissed. (I thought a dollar collapse was more likely along w/ commodity inflation due to Peak Oil and, in general, overpopulation and strained resources.).

There's Prechter the fundamentalist and Prechter the E-Wavist. I've always found him to be a brilliant out-of-the-box thinker (and he's a Renaissance man; his latest Theorist discusses a book with new ideas on Quantum Mechanics). E-Waves... I suspect there's something there... some fractal signature as they say, but, its application to predicting the markets, has at the best, shown questionable results.

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