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Monday, March 09, 2009


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I keep thinking IBM is the canary here + the Comp is just breaking lower. So my target of 4500-5000 is a real possibility. Obama is rumored to pick R. Cohen for USUST whick is the top corporate financial attorney in the country. I doubt he will be against the more of the same...dripping blood all the way down.

Pathrick Neid

We are going to start strong this morning if the overnite's are any indication.


Pre-open, the financials have jumped on news that CITI has been profitable and the Dow futures are up over 100. This could be the 4th? We'll find out if it holds through the close.

Donna Kline

If you read - he says that an 11:45 close over 688.75 will signal that the short squeeze is on.

Thanks for this blog and all of the comments.



From what I see RIGHT NOW, the Dow could possibly spike up to 7100-7135 today before plummeting and closing DOWN for the day; I've got a Limit Sell order on three Dow Futures contracts at 7099...we'll see what happens.


This will be a "less-than-72-hour" 4th

Mamma Boom Boom

Last Friday, at 3:00 and again at 3:30, computer 'buy' programs kicked in at S&P 668. This area represents support going back to 1996. For the week prior to that, important indicators, of mine, were showing more fear than any other time during the decline since 07. Today I have other possitive signals.
Will this become a 'buy' signal? Don't know! Starting to look like a suspect, though.

da bear

DJIA above 7,500 is key.

i posted that number at my website. then someone else (McHugh? Tim Wood?) said that the key hurdle for the DJIA was 7,460.

then a Spring Rally could possibly begin.

Fiat metals and stocking up on food are the next big things.

da bear


Genesis, I tend to agree. Gap-up on a piece of news is likely to be retraced in next few days.

Mamma Boom Boom

>>Will this become a 'buy' signal? Don't know! Starting to look like a suspect, though.<<

Do we have ignition? (conformation)

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