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Friday, March 27, 2009


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Wave Rust

da bear,
two things for you,,,

You are kidding about the 1938 Dow drop, right?

I don't know from when your claim to be the first person who brought up '37 to '38. But October was a recent time when I saw some posts on boards and forums. I've also look for comparisons to at reverses at beginning of the 1930 rally, the '73 to '74 decline and the post '74 rally (I favor that '74 to '80 formation next year or two).

if you look close enough to the actual daily data for the '38 segment and separate each wave, its real value is the 4th wave.

MRCI has tools to compare previous shapes and forms if that is your interest.

Second, about 95% of tulips have no smell. :))

wave rust

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