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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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Typo on the last sentence of the first paragraph. I mean't "161.8% of wave C".



Yes, the way he's drawn in the projected path for wave e leads to the conclusion that he is considering the move up from the March low as an expanding triangle wave e of an expanding triangle from the October low, because otherwise there is no way that any wave e in a triangle could be that large compared to the other waves.



Many years ago, I read the classic "Why I Am Not An Environmentalist" essay and haven't looked back.

I'm actually in the camp that says we may be entering a major cooling period. I'm not a weather guru by any means, but my own observations from where I'm at show that it has been much cooler the past few springs than in the decade prior and the winters have become harsher over the past few years as well.


I agree with Upstart, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but how about the rally from the March low being a double zigzag, with W ending on 4/2 (at about 8080), and X being a triangle that ended yesterday morning (b ended at 8190, c just under 7800, d at about 8130)?

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