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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


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Does Hochberg's target for this rally of 1000 SPX and 9500 DJIA represent the top for the year? Or is it the end of an A up leg?

I assume we are in wave [2] up, but I am hard pressed to be able to say that we had a wave (2) down within that wave. Are we in wave (3) up now, or some completely different wave count?

I would like to think that this rally will now stall out at the January high of 943.85 SPX, which is 2.65% above today's close. I can't see the DJIA reaching its January high of 9088.06 before pulling back. This is 6.76% above today's close.

With Cisco beating the street, it looks like a higher open tomorrow!

da bear

the latest EWFF has this wave [2] up as an a,b,c rise. so we are in wave c now...

this feels like the final spike. feels kinda strong too so it could be the c wave.

I think they are still saying that after wave [2] is over near those levels then the big Wave 3 down will begin.

da bear

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