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Friday, July 31, 2009


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da bear

EWI posted its latest Financial Forecast. they are short-term bullish.
that is probably a bad sign for the bullish case. lol

da bear

Mamma Boom Boom

I'm expecting the economy to resemble a 'saw blade' for years. Governments will continue to drag it out, until it becomes obvious that the bills can't be paid.


I'm expecting the economy to resemble what I call a "reverse saw blade." The teeth will be where Ned places the divots and the divots will be where Ned sees the teeth. Governments will bite the bullet long before it becomes obvious that the bills can, indeed, be paid.

Ned's grandma

And EWI is evidence of what really kills me. Trade whats there, not what you expect. Trend is up right now, tomorrow could be different, but the trend is up. I am not a full bull, but I trade the upswing until it changes.

Ned, your stuff was pointing down, now sideways? Pick a direction dude.

I don't think anyone has a real tight grip on what tomorrow brings just yet. You can flame me all you want.


in regards to the puestz window ill note a few things
first of all it does blend with chris carolans work but the 2
are not the same , secondly it has been working for the past
couple years including the decline into march 2009 .
you explained it fairly well yet ill note the formula
and then the dates going forward .ive used this over the past
several years and i look at it as a market turn set up not always
bearish but usually strong moves follow the dates so they bear
watching at this junture .
based on puetz parameters it goes like this .
the market will be at a high point on the first full moon following a solar eclipse when that
full moon is also a lunar eclipse
from that full moon lunar eclipse a down trend will begin (better put as a trend change will begin ) the cycle ends 6 days before to 3 days after a full moon that is with in 6 weeks of the solar eclipse .
hence solar eclipse was july 22
the next full moon lunar eclipse is aug 5th . the stock market is overbought and due for a pullback so if we were to use this stradegy we would turn bearish aug 5th 6th 2009 and hold waiting untill 6 day before to 3 days after a full moon that is with in 6 weeks of the july 22 solar eclipse
to sum it up:turn bearish aug 5th 6th and look to exit aug 29th sept 7th
then you take chris coralans work which im not going to explain in detail
ill just note the dates
may 16 spring low
aug 20 summer high
sept 27 autumn high
oct 14 15th crash
using both these theries you can see why there is a strong move coming yet the puetz window
would need to set it off in the right direction as i see it .
aug 5th 6th top and down into aug 29 sept 7th
then upwards into the sept 27th autumn high and then down into mid oct
might just be a large B wave decline and yet both theories may blend together
calling this as a simple A B C decline . id keep these theories in mind each year
cause it doesnt matter weather the market crashes or turns upwards and rallies strongly
the dates tend to caall market turns fairly closely .


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